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WTS Dirt - bee hive - mining potions - sandstone briks - pottery briks - slate briks - marble briks

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WTS 40k Dirt - 0,8s / 1k

  Minimum order for 5s  

WTS 1k Sandstone Briks - 3s / 1k

exchange for sandstone shards and reduce price. 1s/1k. min. 30ql

WTS 1k Slate Briks - 4s / 1k

exchange and reduce the price for shards - 1.5s/1k - min. 30ql

WTS 1k Pottery Briks - 3,5s to 5s / 1k depend of QL

exchange and reduce the price for clay - 1s/1k - min. 50ql

WTS 1k Marble Briks - 4,5s / 1k

exchange and reduce the price for shards - 1s/1k - min. 30ql

WTS 1k Stone Briks - 2s / 1k

WTS 1k Mortar - 2,5s / 1k

WTS potions - 3 / 5s each

WTS Active bee hive - 2s each ( x10 )


FREE delivery

     ... Serafin ...     

Independence Q25

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