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Concerning patch 18/MAY/17

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Today's update included a few unwanted side affects, and upon being informed of them we identified the issues and performed a hotfix of the situation.

Unfortunately, one aspect of this was that mine veins could be mined out easily. In situations like these we take the time to determine if a rollback is necessary, and while we did decide to roll back we encountered an unfortunate issue.
While we do perform frequent backups of player data map data is slightly older, which would mean a rollback of roughly 10-12 hours, causing a lot of actual playtime to be lost.
Due to this, we have decided not to rollback and instead play as is to avoid even larger losses.
If you lost a vein you were working on and would like it replaced, please log a support ticket with the information of the vein type and remaining ore (if you know it) for our team to verify. It will take some time to verify on our side the details of the vein, but we will endeavour to return it as soon as possible.

We will determine whether compensation is necessary and if so advise you all of the decision prior to the next update.

Thank you for your patience in this, and would like to thank those who respected our request to not take advantage of the situation.

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