Server breaking bug?

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[23:15:51] ZoneId=647 Surface=97, rock=220 cave=-100 ceiling=0. Cave is Cave wall


I shutdown my server in order to modify a mod (spell mod) I had installed. All I did was change a false to a true in the properties file. Updated the server with the changes and rebooted. Upon re-log several people reported mine entrances turned into craters that ranged from 800-1200 dirt deep. I backed up the server before shutting down so I figured no big deal ill just restore a backup. Same problem. All the surrounding tiles a reporting that the rock is higher than the current surface depth. I have tried manually closing the mines, re-terraforming them and then opening them back up but that just causes more problems. Suggestions?



Edit : Update : Evidently somewhere along the way files became corrupted. I had to revert to a backup from 24 hours ago and all seems back to normal

[23:38:42] ZoneId=393 Surface=257, rock=236 cave=-100 ceiling=0. Cave is Cave wall


Has anyone encountered this issue and found a viable fix? I'd hate to go that far back due to progress loss from players, but if that is the only solution then I'm afraid I have no choice.


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Sounds like the tilepoller class was altared. Not sure what that mod changes but sounds like it changed something in what the tilepoller class does and that's what caused that issue. When ever something like that happens the only way to fix it is re inserting the last map backup.

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