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Paintings/Custom Canvases

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The problems that might arise with custom canvases might be inherent, but even creating a painting from various dyes and thickeners (to make paint colors) could result in several pre-set pictures for players to sell. Looking at them can offer some kind of temporary buff or insight, much like what food provides (but without refilling the nutrition bar).


Paintings decay over time if you don't take care of them. They need proper drying time, so you have to put them on a drying rack first. Then, you need to varnish the painting (acrylics don't exist in Middle Ages so it would be oil paint). Varnishing will protect the painting a bit longer, but it doesn't exempt a picture from damage.


Or... paintings can just be decorative. A nice way to spruce up a wall, without resorting to large tapestries.

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