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Excessive Premium Expiration Warning E-Mails

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My premium time expires in a week, and I've received e-mail warnings for the first time today. I've received a total of 16 e-mails so far to remind me of this within the course of one day. The first was sent today at 16:04, the last one at 22:18. I figure there may still be more but right now it's been 16.


Not sure if this is a bug since I rarely let my premium get close to expiring but I figure it probably shouldn't be spammed this much.


Here are my details:


[22:19:40] You have premium time until 24 May 2017 14:04:11 GMT


This mail has been sent:

Hello Mirabloodarc!

The premium time on your Wurm Online account is about to expire. Wouldn't that be sad?

If you're lucky you may also receive a reward for staying premium, like an item or a yellow potion. There's no guarantee but if you ask around you'll be informed about what the chances are.

Our strong suggestion: Head to the Wurm Online shop now and re-prem!
Shop -

or maybe
Launch the Wurm Client to start playing.

Please enjoy!

The Wurm Online Team.

IRC - Channel #wurm
Forum - 
Wiki -
Blog -
Register -

To ensure proper delivery please add to your address book.

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As an addition: I've crossed servers quite a lot today and relogged quite often also. I'm wondering if it might be related to sending an e-mail each time that happened. Time wise that seems like it could fit.

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