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A few thoughts I wish there was able to get in the game :


Larger size of building even with max lv:

So you can build your insane large compound into a castle instead of using tall walls   Just noticed that Bdew have a servermod for that


Enable steep slope building:

Noticed that even with max lv Im not able to build fence in a 40 slope border, something that I would like to do


Let you "Level" when surfacemining:

Good to have when demolishing a mountain


And over to the more insane thoughts and wishes for those who living on an island


Enable caves (without water) under water level:

For those times you settle on an island and dont want to use a boat/build a massive bridge over to the mainland.


More decorative furniture:

For the "home" feeling in the game :o 



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i would love more furniture add or a way to make custom furniture.


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