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SOLD Thank you

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WTS coastal deed Deliverance SE


size 17x33 + a large extension on west side

monthly cost 1s12c

upkeep for 48 days

guard tower

enchanted grass

house furnished (oven, larder, food storage bin, beds, tables, chairs, rope tool, loom, spinning wheel, chests, racks, lamps...)

work house and storages (forges, smelter, kiln, full Bulk storage bins)

many pens with animals (horses 5 and 4 speeds, cows, sheeps, pigs, chickens)

docks (with 2 lighthouses)

Path of Love on deed

Mine entrance (Tin very good Qt, Iron Ulmost Qt, SaltRock Very good Qt, SandStone Good Qt mostly inside)

Altars of Vynora and Nahjo

Spirit castle enchanted courier 99 + Magranon rune on it +5% size

Clay, sand and Tar just outside the deed

Stepps on deed's border

Orchads and fields



PM offers please



The deed has been sold, thank you for your offers




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