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Building stone fence error: action not allowed

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  • Trying to build a stone fence at the highlighted border.
    • There is a pottery T arch there, which shouldn't be a problem.
    • There is a camelia hedge adjacent to the left.
    • There is a rendered wall at 90 degrees to left.


Error reads: [20:49:14] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.


Will attempt taking the hedge down and report back if it makes any difference.


Edit:  Taking down the hedge didn't help. 

There is also a pottery T arch where that rendered wall is.  So it is a corner made of 2 pottery T arches.

I suspect that may be the problem as on the other side of the house, I used a regular arch on one side and had no problems.

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I would say its a problem with the T-arch, although I recently did fences inside the pottery t-arch with no problem. Maybe its the rendered wall causing the problem. Something for the dev's to look into for sure.

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