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W.S.A. - Disruptive Jerks

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Disruptive Player Behavior


A situation had recently arisen that required the enforcement of the Disruptive Player rule regarding the home servers of Serenity and Desertion on the Epic cluster.  As moderators we strive to do our best to balance the rules in cooperation with the mechanics that are provided.  As stated by Rolf in the Disruptive Player regulations the mechanics are not always able to cover all possible scenarios that can arise, and that is where the rules come in.

Whether you believe in fair play, or you enjoy playing a more rebellious role, the rules apply to everyone equally.  We must take action for or against you based on the facts of the case regardless of your position or situation.  Unfortunately, people who decide to abuse the system sometimes prefer to be less than truthful in the matter and twist the facts or out right lie to us and the community in a vain attempt to avoid penalties.

In the recent Disruptive Player situation the facts are that the avatars used to attack the same kingdom were shared so much that identifying the involved led to requiring a sweep of bans.  Of course, we as moderators recognize the sad truth that an innocent can get caught by such a sweep, but it is our official stance that you are responsible for any avatar sharing and you can easily catch warnings or complete bans for actions taken by others that you have shared your avatars with.

It is not our place to tell you who and who not you may be friends with, but if you run with nefarious individuals, chances are they will not have your best interests in mind.

A deliberate effort to lie to our team by at least some involved including the mass harassment of our team has caused us to throw out any appeal of the decision for the recent 60 day bans.  Once you or one of your group begin attempting to deceive us then any appeal becomes forfeit and we may increase any penalties given and any further communication on the matter will be ignored or completely removed.  Until such time as we can scoop out your brain and mail it off for testing, our judgments will remain based on the facts that we have.


Item security.

Recently we have encountered a case of a person having their horses killed because they had their wagon permissions set incorrectly.  Please be diligent in your security measures.  Wurm Online is an open world and as such there will probably always be some people who do not have your best interests at heart when they are passing through your deeds.



Being neighborly!


From time to time we end up looking into area disputes on the Freedom cluster.  The disputes range from highway changes, new roads, canals, tree cutting, etc.  This is partially why we have the “Play Nice or we will rip your heart out” rule, as it allows us to mediate any serious issues, but at the base of all of them is usually a lack of communication.  While we respect your privilege to do work within a certain range of your deeded areas, we expect for you to cooperate and communicate with your nearby neighbors as best as possible so that you can adjust or adapt to their plans and needs, and they vice versa.  Even if it takes you awhile to get into contact with your neighbors, you should always be neighborly and give them a heads up to any projects you are working on that may affect their time and enjoyment.  Projects such as road changes, terrain changes, fences, etc.  Anything that will affect land near them or access near them should be discussed.  Not only does such communication make the social environment much better, it will improve interaction and teamwork on large projects, but most importantly it will avoid creating a situation that needs a moderator to get involved in.


Please keep these tips in mind when you are working near others on the Freedom Cluster.  We hate having to ban people just because they are being jerks…. Oh wait…  well… at least you would likely not enjoy being considered a disruptive jerk and getting banned, because trust me, we do enjoy banning disruptive jerks!


Thank you,

Enki (Head Game Master)

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