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Ageless Lake Coastal Road is finished!

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It has taken some time, but after about 18 monts, tonnes of dirt, lots of mining, some surface mining, lots of patience and an aweful lot of help, the connection between Weird Wonders to the Ageless Lake Tunnel Entrance deeds is made last night.  The entire project isn't finished yet, as it still needs loads of dirt to be dropped to get a better traversable road; however it is now possible to travel from Cold Water Harbour in the north to Whitefay and most other starting towns.


Of course, I couldn't have done all of this alone, so I'd like to thank some people for helping me:


- Rusk and his alts: for mining a large tunnel through the mountains, for surface mining, dirt casting and dropping and repairing an old highway;

- Dredbanger: for dirt donations, (surface-) mining, paving and early road construction

- Flubb and his alts: for mining the first part of the tunnel and dirt donations

- Alikin: for an awful lot of donated dirt, as well as some mining and paving.

- Trooperau: for donating locks for strongwalling the tunnel

- Ajala and Soleca: for donating veggies for strongwalling the tunnel, and dirtcasting

- Roseah: for helping me digging up over 3K of dirt at my new deed

- and of course to all of you who had faith in me I'd get that project finished. :)




And now I think it's time to do something easier for a change. Like building a knarr or so. :D


Thorin :)



PS: as soon as I've figured out how to add screenies directly from my computer, I'll add them.

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\o/ I had no idea you had been at it for so long, your patience is impressive. Great work everyone. 


Also thanks to Zanewarblade, who donated veggies. 

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