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Current Auction Round - Rules and Reasons

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The time has come to finally lay to rest the now-not-so-recent issues the Wurm Online community faced with the dealings of the player Niru. For anyone unfamiliar with the case here is the official response from the time.


The GM team will now be auctioning off the seized assets (for in-game silvers only) and when all are finished the funds will be distributed to those players who were scammed. Those players will receive a percentage equivalent to the amount they lost compared to everyone else. We don't anticipate making more than was lost, but should that unlikely event occur, we'll decide what to do with the spare if/when it comes to it.




The assets will be auctioned in groups so as to not deluge the board with too many at once. A full listing so you can plan your bidding is available in the spoiler, please note full auctions will be more specific in the Ql, enchants etc. Some items will be sold in group lots e.g. sleep powders in lots of 5:



Round 1:

3QL rare silver bracelet

41QL rare maple short bow

90QL rare toolbelt

4x 97QL rare frying pans

20Ql rare backpack

71QL rare water skin

71QL rare leather adventurers hat

16x 91QL rare horseshoes

60QL rare willow bow

43Ql rare linden fruit press.

5x 91QL rare, high woa horseshoes

92QL rare nolocate silver ring

70QL rare coc oak ropetool

95QL supreme botd iron awl

51QL rare nolocate gold necklace

79QL rare nolocate gold ring

82QL rare coc/woa small anvil

88QL rare nim/lt/coc/ms longsword

91QL rare HD/rt/botd longsword

91Ql supreme botd large anvil

89QL rarecoc butchering knife

91QL supreme coc/woa trowel

72QL rare woa hammer

96QL rare nim/lt/coc/ms axe

92QL rare nim/lt/coc/ms axe

90QL rare coc steel and flint

71QL rare coc shovel

90QL supreme woa/coc/lw/tailoring needle

85QL supreme nim/coc willow short bow

72QL rare woa saw

60QL rare woa/coc carving knife

95QL rare woa/coc pickaxe

84QL rare hd/nim glimmersteel huge axe

83QL rare nim/coc medium shield.


Round 2:

6QL woa awl

81QL woa awl

38QL coc med rug

63QL woa dredge

1QL coc butchering knife

3QL coc butchering knife

16QL coc carving knife

4QL coc carving knife

18QL coc grooming brush

11QL coc leggat

22Ql woa clay

22Ql woa/coc clay

23QL woa clay

23QL coc/woa clay

2x 50QL coc files

80QL woa file

25QL coc med rug

15QL coc hammer

61QL coc/woa hammer

81Ql woa hammer

73QL coc hatchet

1QL coc hatchet

11x woa horseshoes

67QL coc iron lump

8QL coc large anvil

92QL coc large shield

7QL coc leather knife

81Ql woa leather knife

9QL coc med rug

91QL coc lion pelt

19QL coc needle

81Ql woa needle

4QL coc oak grooming brush

8QL coc oak mallet

86QL coc oak mallet

54QL coc paw

14QL coc pickaxe

38QL woa mallet

31QL coc seryll carving knife

10QL coc seryll hatchet

1Ql coc seryll pickaxe

82QL woa rake

96QL woa rake

25QL coc rake

95Ql wao oak ropetool

13QL coc saw

80QL woa scissors

20QL coc scythe

81QL woa shovel

3QL coc seryll shovel

1QL coc small anvil

5QL coc small anvil

1QL coc spindle

18QL coc oak spindle

20QL woa spindle

64QL coc chisel

81QL woa chisel

39QL coc tar

81QL woa trowel

1QL coc trowel

66QL woa trowel

75QL coc whetstone

84Ql woa cat pelt


Round 3:

116 sleep powders

2 reserrection stones

2012 Santa Gift

2014 Santa gift

2015 Santa gift

30 yellow potions

13 CR potions


7x vesseled gems

21x empty gems < 10QL

7x empty gems > 10QL


Round 4:

2x LMC's

70QL sailingboat

JK Wagon

2x large cart (1 rare)

4x JK flags

4x JK banners

71Ql rare corbita

68Ql Green Dragon Skull

69Ql rare loom

62QL rare Smelter

46QL supreme forge

200 lemon sprouts

300 apple sprouts

300 cherry sprouts

1306 clay

FSB w/ 2519x 99QL corn + 548 cooked meat plus a small number of other assorted bits.

Stone bricks (47xlarge crates)

Mortar (27x Large crates)

300x 86Ql cotton

573x 99Ql onion

572x 97Ql garlic

259 dirt

239 stone bricks


Round 5:

8Ql rare clay

2Ql supreme tar

5x rare shards

62Ql rare stone brick

30Ql supreme mortar

67Ql supreme shard

28Ql rare grape seedling

24QL rare tar

21Ql rare mortar

4x 82/83Ql wine (flask)



I think that's everything...


The auctions will run for approximately a week with a finish time around 6pm GMT on a Saturday. This should mean it's the weekend for everyone around the globe and while I appreciate it's the small hours somewhere, it's about as easy a time as can be made for the majority of people to find it simple to participate.


Please forgive us if we've rather over-priced any individual item, we've done the best we can to have a sensible starting value but if any items remain unsold in it's given round, we will re-auction it in the next round at a lower starting cost. Similarly, if we've made a mistake and something has been miss-labelled in the auction, the winner has the right to refuse payment if they wish and it will be re-auctioned correctly.


Auctions all have 1 hour sniper protection and a moderator will lock the auction with the name of the winner when the auction has concluded and a moderator spots such. Confirmation of the winner is an invitation for that player to send a /support claiming your winnings. This will be best done on the account you're most active with - you don't need to /support with the account you wish to receive the item/s. This will enable us to see when you're online for trade. Please remember to make sure you have the silver available to you before doing such. We will check the identification of the claimant by asking them for a specific message through the forum account that placed the winning bid.

NB: Any false claims through support will result in an immediate 7 day ban - we've exhausted quite enough time on this case already.


If an item is not claimed within 4 weeks of the end of the auction (please note this means there is no /support initiated from the winner or they have not contacted the GM team in some way to inform us why they may be delayed, we appreciate it may take time for a GM to be available at the same time to make the trade if the player is not very active or plays at a time with low numbers) it will be offered to the next highest bidder.



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Please do not under-bid on items.  If an item remains unsold at the end of the auction, it will be re-listed at a lower starting price; if you feel the price is too high, that's your chance to see a reduction.

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Round 5 will include more items than listed in the spoiler. I've realized that the person putting together the list of items only got about half way through this particular container. I shall not list what those items will be, you'll just have to wait until Sunday (Or Saturday if you're behind the times :P ) to find out!

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Thank you everyone for participating in these auctions.


We will leave this board visible until we have ensured all items have been collected and that there aren't any random things left lying around that we missed in the listings.


I will announce the total collected once we're sure everything has been tidied up!

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