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WTS Shoulder Pads and Rift Jewels.

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If you need anything, send a message to me (Luttuosa) or Davih and make an offer :) or write us in game.
Both jewels and pads were never worn.

Here the complete list of what we have.



  • chain shoulder pad (Ql 75).
  • 2x crafted shoulder pad (Ql 75).
  • dragon shoulder pad (Ql 75, steel) 4 silver.
  • dragon shoulder pad (Ql 50, steel) 4 silver.
  • 2x exquisite shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather).
  • left basic shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron).
  • 2x left elaborate shoulder pad (Ql 75, leather).
  • 5x left shielding shoulder pad (Ql 75, iron).
  • 2x ribboned shoulder pad (Ql 75).
  • right basic shoulder pads (Ql 75, iron).
  • 2x right layered shoulder pads (Ql 75, steel).



  • huge sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll).
  • 3x necklace of focus (Ql 75, seryll).
  • 2x ring of the eye (Ql 75, seryll).
  • 2x short sword bracelet (Ql 75, seryll).
  • socketed ring (Ql 75, seryll).
  • soul stealer necklace (Ql 75, seryll).
  • spear bracelet (Ql 75, seryll).
  • spear bracelet (Ql 50, seryll).
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Never mind :D

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