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CoC PvP 7.5x 3x Version

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Discord: v5k3apk



IP for those who have issues with it- Port: 3724


This time around on the server, Mobs will drop loot (Thanks to Friya's Awesome Mod)


Low Skill Gain Rate is meant to encourage people to go find gear versus making it but still requires people to level up there skills to keep there awesome gear repaired or to get more control over the kind of gear your getting.

No Local Mod is on for this too so watch your back =)


Priests are normal - Fast Prays, No Cooldown on faith ticks, but you can't cast all spells.

Meditation is disabled


Its going to be a pretty different play style so will need feedback on changes opposed to just crying about it then quitting. (Before you ask, No, Blinksy)


Another Awesome Map Made by Ausimus






Ash Produce Mod

Better Combat log

Better Digging

Big Container Mod - Not currently enabled

Bounty Mod

Careful Harvest Mod

Clay+Shards for Concrete

Craftable Pauldrons

Creature Age Mod

Crop Mod

Double Bulk Capacity - Applies to crates, Currently 4x

Fire Burn Time

Forage Sprouts

Forever in Season - Fruit Trees

Harvest Helper

Hitching Post

Inbred Warning

Max Skills - Body Stats capped at 36

Meditate Mod

Mod Tree Farm - Grow trees faster by watering them

Moonmetal mining Mod

Move Mod - Increased Carry Weight

Move to Center/Corner

No Fatigue

No Fog Spiders - Anti Lag

No Local Tab players - Won't see enemies sneaking up on you

Pick More Sprouts - 5x Sprouts Picked

Prospect Mod

Quality damage Tool Tips - Disabled Currently getting some crash errors

Remove Animal Hording Limits

Sacrifice Mod

Salve Power Mod

Sever Packs Mod

Server Play Counter - Does not count alts but does reflect offline steam accounts

Server Tweaks


Spell Mod

Starter Gear Mod - You start with only a flint and steel

Survival Mod - Alot of changes to survival in WU, Recommend reading Talor's Page on it - Only Setting disabled currently is no crops during winter months

Timer Fix

Tweak Range Weapons - Bows/Siege Weapons can not be fired more then 20 tiles away

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Currently working out the loot.  Pretty much everything can be made to drop except boats/forges/carts

Higher mobs drop better armor Weapons with increased enchantments.

Bears drop 2x building mats bulk, Sheep/bull/calf/hen/horse/bison  Will be adding planks onto building mats since missed it at start.

Hell based mobs(except hell horse)  drop coal

Sea based mobs drop boat building materials in bulk(not until fixed they come enchanted and cant go into crates)

Horses drop low horse gear, hell horses drop low horse gear and low horse gear.


Most food dropped from lower level mob is mid point for most recipes gravy/mix/stock ect.  Also fruit/olives/grapes



Map is large so pvp focused people can go to the center and non pvp focused can go to the outer reaches.


Speed is 3x/3x to help focus on loot and people who want to work on making skills better to keep any nice loot they find imped.

Speed is little slow, but once you start to get skills up it will pickup well.

Also high tier tools can have upto 104 botd.  Mid tear think 70 and low tools Woa upto 71.



Doe/Deer/Mountain lion/brown cow no loot cause forgot to make the rule for them.  Will be adding loot to them soon. 


Unicorn Mid level Tools with Botd  along with chance of arrows




Sheep/Ram  Food/build


Building+Food Drops




Wild Cat  low weapons with LT and Tools with WOA




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Few more tweaks to loot table, Priests can only cast there god's spells. Was missed by accident

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If the rates were a bit higher i'd for sure give a try, low rate and pvp doesnt go to well together


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the skill gain is pretty decent really. I started on the valoria (sp) server and the 1x1 was just too slow. 3x3 isn't bad, probably faster than you think and with creature loot crafting for hours isnt really a thing currently.


the thing I like most about the server is the loot on creatures (could probably use some tweaks) but interesting non the least. 

the thing(s) I don't like. 1: maybe to many trees. 2: not many players. usually 2-4 (currently highest i've seen)


Edit: I'm just playing with a main and an alt. if anyone wants to join me let me know. hots kingdom. character names are Knightmare and Whetdream


/who [16:42:50] 7 other players are online. You are on Coc pvp 3x custom (8 totally in Wurm).



[16:41:33] Percent controlled by Jenn-Kellon: 0.26

[16:41:33] Percent controlled by Mol Rehan: 0.09

[16:41:33] Percent controlled by Horde of the Summoned: 0.17

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8 hours ago, hiroi said:

If the rates were a bit higher i'd for sure give a try, low rate and pvp doesnt go to well together


@hiroiSkill rate is low, But gear is dropped from mobs. Skill in this is only to imp good gear you find or to get better gear. As there is some trade off on stuff like weapons. Its worth the investment but not required. Body stats cap pretty quickly. FS is like normal is pretty quick to level

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Had some issues that were beyond my ability to fix, New Map has been out on with come changes to the loot tables. Changed Skill Gain/Timers

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So OP is the newest info? Was checking it out yday and seems fun, don´t like the way you can´t see past 20 tiles, can understand the logic behind no local but not seeing kinda is weird and makes everything except shortbows useless imo. Still will give a try again today.  Also body stats were capped at 36 not 50 when i tried.

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Might have forgotten to change that part about body stats


Nolocal helps alot with esp mod not being so crazy, And it makes you have to watch your back. People can locate you and if your not watching they can sneak up on you. Barring another cheaty mod anyway.


Its also changed a bit since the 1.4 update, Finished gear does not drop anymore, Only raw materials. The skill gain was upped to help with that a bit. 7.5x 4x instead of 3x 3x

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