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Wurmonline. A game that is often undervalued due to its tedious activities. Usually, a newbie will spend their first time getting lost in the wild, realize their limited options in crafting, and eventually quit. Those who make an effort to explore the game more either deal with the issues they approach, or reach for assistance. There is community assistance available, but most feel some sort of guilt when asking too many questions. Also, the CA help channel will not provide assistance in any form besides verbal. Eventually, a player realizes that the best option is to work with others to achieve the greatest achievements possible. Build luxurious buildings, pave the world around you, craft the finest tools, fight against the uniques, and more. Moonlight Shadows is a deed made specifically to experience Wurm to the fullest.


Image of deed from the front, on a bridge.








Moonlight Shadows is located on s18 in Exodus.

We will provide a ride if you do not live in Exodus.

You may contact Yiraia or Pumpernickel in game.




Q: Why would I want to join Moonlight Shadows?


A: Why wouldn't you! There are many benefits to joining our deed. We are a deed of highly goal oriented players. Citizens of Moonlight Shadows understand the boring dread that is continuous grinding without a purpose, so we plan to work/play outside and benefit the whole island! Work includes roads, canals, tunnels, bridges, guard towers, wells, anything to benefit the journeyman or new wanderers. Other than work, we will attempt to go to rifts, unique slayings, impalongs, big hunting trips, and other possible events. The village count is small, and in need of more players. Any new players will be advised to ask as many questions they would like, guilt free. Time is valuable, and we would not want ANY member performing tasks inefficiently whether or not it is for the town. We also do our best to keep the place well organized to make ease of work.


Q: Are there any reasons why I should not join Moonlight Shadows?


A: Well if you plan on stealing anything, you definitely should not attempt to join. Otherwise, the only two problems you may encounter is living quarters and the community itself. Moonlight shadow citizens do not have personal houses for several reasons. (1.) The addition of personal homes would require the deed to expand with new players. We try our best to be cost efficient with our deed. (2.) Players who leave without notice would create a conflict. Should we destroy them after 2 weeks? Are they coming back? Here, we try to lessen the possible future issues. (3.) Often, players create their own house very inefficiently. Several personal homes can take up a vast amount of space and only have 2 containers of personal items, a bed, an fsb, a bsb, oven and forge. Everybody in Moonlight Shadows can agree, personal homes have no positive benefits, and if anybody would like one, they would have to make one some distance away from the deed (Planning orchards nearby). Rather than personal homes, Moonlight Shadows has 2x3 apartment rooms. A vast amount of space for personal containers, your bed, and space for decorations. Any personal bulk items people would like to store has a place inside of our large wall. As for the community, If you are looking for a town that will provide you with 80+ enchanted 80+ql items then we are not the best choice. our community consist of no veterans that can make amazing items in seconds. If you care more about the people you are around and the room for improvement as a team, then we are perfect for you and there should be no worries!


Q: Are there any requirements to become a villager?


A: There will be an interview to test whether or not we believe Moonlight Shadows is the village for you. Questions will involve whether or not you are 18+ years of age, your interests in the game, What will be your method of paying for premium, etc. We will also require that you follow the deed rules.


Q: What are the rules?


A: Here are the list the main rules:

(1.) NO STEALING <- immediate kick out of the town

(2.) Treat everybody with respect. We expect a somewhat mature attitude on somewhat. Emphasis on somewhat, we are very playful.

(3.) Materials that are accessible by everybody must not be sold in large quantities (Ex: no bulk selling community logs/planks/shafts/etc. However, feel free to take logs to improve wooden tools for selling). The bulk of our materials for the community are meant to either build for the deed, create tools for citizens, grind skills,and build the island we live in.

(4.) Do not build any structure within 40 tiles of the deed without permission. Outside the deed we plan to have orchards of trees that are of great use.


Q: How welcoming are you to people that do not natively speak English?


A: Very! We already have some players who do not natively speak English but we all still communicate when necessary. If you are not able to speak English that well, just hope that google translate will give you accurate translations if you do not understand us.





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No more recruiting
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We are now closed, No more recruiting, but people may still visit to utilize mailboxes

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