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Life Transfer Weapons

With Circle of Cunning and Nimbleness



Increase your combat rating based on the power of the enchant. Higher enchant = higher CR bonus.

This allows you to hit harder, more often and will allow you to deflect incoming attacks more easily.


Life Transfer:

A percentage of the damage you inflict on the enemy is returned to you as a heal.

The higher the enchant the more healing applied. This allows you to stay out fighting longer and skill faster.


Circle of Cunning:

Skill gain is higher based on the power of the cast. Higher CoC = more skill gain.

80ql Longswords:



80ql Two Handed Swords:



80ql Huge Axes:



I can be reached in game under the name Inqubator, by forum PM or by replying to this thread.



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updated 04/24/17
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Please send longsword (nim79 coc69 lt97) 4s and two handed sword (nim83 coc82 lt83) 3.75s to nesgamepro.

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[21:12:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.



Thank you

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