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WTA QL 85+ plate set with Aosp 80+

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Hello Everyone,


I would like to sell the plate set I've been using for a while now, it served me well :)

As the title says the set is all QL 85+, though some items have damage on them. The damage is to little to mend/repair, in my opinion that would be a waste of quality.


Plate gauntlet (1): QL 85.97 with 0.55 dmg and Aosp 89

Plate gauntlet (2): QL 85.86 with 0.36 dmg and Aosp 85

Breat plate: QL 85.44 with 7.68 dmg and Aosp 80

Plate sabaton (1): QL 85.24 with 0.29 dmg and Aosp 81

Plate sabaton (2): QL 85.54 with 0.10 dmg and Aosp 84

Great helm: QL 85.24 with 2.00 dmg and Aosp 86

Plate vambraces (1): QL 85.96 with 1.77 dmg and Aosp 85

Plate vambraces (2): QL 85.66 with 2.81 dmg and Aosp 81

Plate leggings: QL 85.93 with 5.95 dmg and Aosp 82


Set total Aosp: 753 (average of 83.67 an item)


Starting Bid: 4s
Increments: 50c
Buyout: 9s
Reserve: 6s
Snipe-protection: 1 hour




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Who would have thought, with the response of crickets chirping and the sight of rolling tumbleweed.... sold via PM :) 

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