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New Survival Server

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Your invited to visit our new server, Setup as a "Survival Server", we have placed a portal (1 Way) from our Kings Castle to the new Survival Server


Take Temperature Damage - Find a Campfire, Some warm clothes or get Indoors!
Temperatures on the northern side of the map are considerable colder.


Forget growing anything, anytime....  All crops have specific seasons
You can fertilize and water most crops to help promote out of season growth, and larger Yields.


Don't just run down to the beach and drink that salt water
Ponds are not safe either!
 You'll need to boil your water

Or get it from a clean well.


100,000 Creatures!!!!  With 75% of them being Hostile!!
Grab Your sword!!
Remember the Survival Server Pays 3x Bounty's!


More Survival Mechanics are on the way so stake your claim today!


Forums, Maps, Mods List and more is Located At:

Server Uptime and Current Status:




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