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Calling all cartographer's!!! Anyone interested in making a PvP map for the server has a chance to win 1 Gold or a 50q Drake Hide Armor set including the helmet. The color will be of the winners choosing. 

Map Requirements: 
Map Size =2048x2048 Max (smaller is ok)
Must have 3 separate islands and 1 main one in the middle that is not connected to any of the others. 
Must have ALL Biomes 
Must have ALL Trees 
Must have ALL Bushes 
Middle Island Must be flat-ish 
NO steep slopes on contested area 
Middle island is meant to be a contested area, so 
building is a main focus. A flat-ish area (like stated above) will be ideal for the middle island. 
Map is meant to make up 3 factions fighting for the "mainland" 
Towns/Buildings NOT required 
Map will NOT be shared with other servers 
Idea's also welcome!



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Would have been either. I have a map now so this can be closed :-)

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