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[ABANDONED] bulk options mod

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This mod aims to give you more option over what and how things go in bulk containers.


Tested to work for up to WU I only updated every other release. I use the previous version and and an every other version release to reduce my update effort.
* Required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher.
* Releases are here:

* Install: Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods


Part of this was inspired by: I wanted something similar that didn't use reflection when depositing items in bulk.



Configure settings, and I just used the ones I use here. You can change them however.


# This is the quality range which bulk items will get divided into. Whole numbers only.


# true will allow using water on herb/spice to make it fresh state.
# false is disabled.


# true will allow putting rares in bulk containers. They won't combine with dissimilar rarities and are subject to the "qualityRange" setting.
# false is disabled.


# true will allow putting various food items in bulk containers.
# false is disabled.


# logHuge,pelt,saddle,stoneKeystone,marbleKeystone,fishingHookWood,fishingHookIron,fishingHookWoodAndString,
#   fishingHookIronAndString,
#   butter,tomato ketchup,snowball,cocoa,pineapple,
#   emerald,emeraldStar,ruby,rubyStar,opal,opalBlack,diamond,diamondStar,sapphire,sapphireStar
# Leave blank to make no change.



One more possible change I may make is to make it so more food items will go in bulk.  To do this I have to make some changes regarding ItemMealData references. 

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update notes
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Has this been updated for  The mod was working prior to this update and I just noticed today that it wasn't working at all for me.  I checked the server logs and this is what I got: WARNING com.joedobo27.bulkoptions.BulkOptionsMod: WU version mismatch. Your nullversion doesn't match one of BulkOptionsMod's required versions []

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@Asperis I only update every other release. I don't have a problem waiting for content and doing it this way reduces the updating effort.

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Thanks @joedobo  Yeah I'm getting the same message on all of your mods.  I'll just let everyone know that they'll be updated with the next release.

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