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Disallow Priest Conversion

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Hello all! I am having difficulty in figuring this one out so I'm reaching out for help. I'm not a coder so my limited knowledge is no help :P


What I would like to accomplish is to disallow Priest characters from converting followers into Priests. My vision is to create a series of quests that a player is required to complete in order to become a priests. Along with adjustments such as existing Priest Mods this would allow me to convey a more special meaning to becoming a priest, i.e. an earned achievement. I'm also thinking about creating career paths for players with possible (reasonable) skill caps to introduce more role play into the game. I really enjoy the freedom of WURM but at the same time regret that it makes other players unnecessary, leading to less interactive communities.  That person dedicating themselves to being a highly skilled Blacksmith doesn't have an end game because all of his neighbors can make things themselves. Thus, he has to rely on them not having the time to do it or just not felling like it.


I am getting off topic. This is step one in my plan to make playing a Priest as a main meaningful and I would appreciate greatly if someone could create such a mod.

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