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Convert bulk bined herbs and spices back to fresh with a recipe?

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I made a recipe but it doesn't work quite right:


  "name": "fresh spice",
  "recipeid": "1504",
  "known": true,
  "skill": "cooking",
  "trigger": "create",
  "active": {
    "id": "water",
    "loss": 10.0,
    "ratio": 10.0
  "target": {
    "id": "any spice",
    "pstate": "none",
    "cstate": "raw"
  "result": {
    "id": "any spice",
    "pstate": "fresh",
    "refrealtemplate": "any spice",
    "difficulty": 5.0


It makes fresh spices but when I go to put the spice back in the bin it goes in as a new line item without the fresh tag and grouped with other same named spices. When I take the spice out it's not fresh anymore (I didn't expect it to be either). If I again convert it to fresh, it does so. It seems this cycle can go on forever. And every time the stage and ingredient count goes up.


I suppose a fresh herb/spice has a stage and ingredient count of 0. Can I make a recipe that would give that?

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Any idea? I think all recipes create an entry in the wurmItems.db and MEALDATA table. It seems any food item with an entry in this table is treated differently. 

Maybe I could make a new behaviour/action to add the fresh status.

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