WTB Sorcery items

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As the title says. I would like to buy any of these items.


Item Title Spell Spell Description Resistance Weakness
Smoke of Sol Occultist Karma Disease Causes 19dmg Infected Wound Physical Poison
White Cherry Enchanter(m)/Norn(f) Rust Monster Attacker Weapon Takes more damage Water Disease
Red Tome Sorcerer Fireball AoE FireBall Fire Internal
Red Cherry Evocator Karma Bolt Causes 19dmg Headwound Poison Physical
Blood of Angels(m) Conjurer Continuum 20% Damage Reduction for Duration Acid Cold
Blood of Angels(f) Mesmerizer Mirrored Self Creates 3 illusions only enemies can see Acid Cold
Green Cherry Berserker(m)/Valkyrie(f) Stoneskin Attacker Misses Next Three Attacks Internal Fire
Giant Walnut Druid Lightning Causes a HeadWound Internal Fire
Green Tome Worgmaster Summon Worg Summons a Worg Internal Fire
Black Tome Necromancer(m)/Witch(f) Summon Skeletons (m)/Wraith(f) Summons 1-9 Skeletons(m)/ 1 Wraith(f) Disease Water
Blue Tome Illusionist Stone Wall Click Tile Border to Create a Wall of stone Cold Acid
Scroll of Binding Spellbinder Karma Slow Slows Attack Speed Crush Slash
Libram of the Night Inquisitor Karma Missile   Pierce Bite
Slime of Uttacha Witch Hunter(m)/Soothsayer(f) True Strike Next hit is 100% Crit Slash Crush
White Tome Summoner(m)/Medium(f) Fire Wall Summons a wall of fire on Tile Border Bite Pierce
Tome of Incineration  ? Incinerate DoT Fire Spell Fire Bite
Key to the Heavens Ascended   0-3 Random Abilities    

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