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Add Shaft To Dredge

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tbh I just want an oak dredge. I would also like more steel/bronze/copper tools but I'm assuming there is a reason behind it. Anywho, Suggestion here is just to add 1 shaft to a dredge so we can add whatever wood type we want rather than just having birchwood.

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I would agree on the additional steel tool options, and why not have tools of other metals.  Give the various metals different difficulties or other attributes.  


  • Gold - enchantment retention when repairing, (-20% to enchantment damage on repair)
  • Silver - enchantment effectiveness. (20% more effective enchantment effects on items)
  • Brass - Enhanced brightness. (20% shinier when enchanted with light token.)
  • Copper - More malleable. (20% improvement/repair usage, 10% more damage/decay on use/tick,
  • Tin - good for use in plates, food containers, silverware

just some thoughts, I'll try to expound on this later.

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