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Tying Skill Levels To Actions Like Butcher

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5 hours ago, Jberg said:


Seconding this.


Why is a literal skill-bound skill like butchering random (perfect pelts as amateur butcherer possible, complete failures as artisan butcher possible (possible = highly likely)), while the literal random OH LOOK I FOUND THIS THING ON THE GROUND, IT MUST BE TIED TO THE QUALITY OF MY SKILL is a thing? Why?


Not saying that I'm for the butchering change, just saying that the change to foraging etc is dumb. Dye-making got made dumb.


ok, that made me laugh :P  Foraging and botanizing is a little more involved than just stepping on something man! :lol:  I may see an arid patch of cracked dirt... local who's been there his whole life and taught by his elders comes up and finds 20-some different roots, critters, etc.  Drop me in the Arizona desert and I'd only have a vague idea that some of them cacti have potable water... someone with more skill is drinking margaritas by sunset.


So, in RL, low skill doesn't necessarily mean low quality... it just means you'd never find it to begin with.  That would be a harsher reality in Wurm than tying ql to skill.  At least the new player can still have a chance of finding everything, but to reward those who spent mad time raising their skill, they get the higher ql.


Take mining for example.  I can bang on an utmost iron vein til the cows come home, still never going to get anything higher than my skill level.  (correct?)


Not asking for butchering to change, actually not asking for anything at all, just participating in the conversation.

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