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WTS Rare LS + Rift Items

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All items will be open to offers.


triple shoulder set - 4s

human skull shoulder - 5s

ribboned shoulder - 50c

left shielding shoulder - 1.25s

Picnic Baskets - SOLD

necklace of protection - 2s 

artisan necklace - 1s (used from wearing it once) 

lump is .32 kg - name price

It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and  has an aggressive aura towards animals.

Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [87]

Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [88]

Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82]

Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [76]


looking for 15s on the sword


PM Here or in-game at dudeitsdamsel.

Edited by dudeitsdamsel

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