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Welcome to Hindleap Horses!




Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed the 8 'new' colours mainly, but I generally get other colours too. I'm aiming to produce a mixture of horses bred for speed and draft traits, ideally with the 'certain spark' trait which increases horses' life span by 3 months to a total of 9 months of life.


**Notes on the new traits system**

Since the recent animal husbandry update, there have been many changes to the traits system. The details on the update can be found here, but I'll put a brief explanation on what it means for horses, donkeys and mules here.


Instead of the old 5 speed horses which were the best you could make, there are now 4 speed horses. These are functionally the same for riding. Horses with 3 or more speed traits have the new 'hot blooded' body shape, which is similar to that of real Arabian horses. The new speed traits are:










  • It has fleeter movement than normal (FM). Minor speed boost.
  • It has lightning movement (LM). Major speed boost.
  • It has very strong leg muscles (SLM). Movement speed bonus.
  • It seems accustomed to water (AW). Moves faster in shallow waters.


You'll notice that only 3 of those traits affect movement on land, which is what we're doing 99% of the time! So if you get a 3 speed horse that's only lacking the accustomed to water (AW) trait, you have as good a riding horse as a 4 speed.

There is a 5th rare speed trait, 'it is unbelievably fast' (UF), which means the animal is 'always on speed bonus similar to hell horses'. Rare traits are, obviously, rare; but when combined with the other 4 speed traits will be the fastest horses we can get.


We now also have draft traits which affect an animal's ability to pull vehicles. Horses with 3 or more draft traits get the 'cold blooded' body type which is like a real Shire or Clydesdale horse. There are 4 common draft traits which are as follows:




  • It is easy on its gear. (EG) Equipped gear takes less damage.
  • It has a strong body. (SB) Bonus to mounted weight limit.
  • It can carry more than average. (CM) Major bonus to mounted weight limit.
  • It has strong legs. (SL) Carry weight bonus.



Similar to the speed traits, there is a trait that doesn't affect pulling ability, but the damage taken to gear (EG). This again means that draft horses with only the other 3 traits will be as useful for pulling vehicles as those with 4 draft traits.

There are 2 rare draft traits, 'it seems stronger than normal' (SN) which gives a bonus to their ability to carry, and 'it seems more nimble than normal' (NN) which increases the maximum ridable slope.

Draft horses are better than speed horses for pulling vehicles, but remain reasonable riding horses when equipped with good gear.


**How to find me**




Hindleap is in G23 on Xanadu as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at the Nexa Market and Sanctuary.


Delivery to all coastal areas is available, and to other areas on request.


Also available:

  • black sheep bred to order
  • blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice
  • donkeys in speed and draft
  • mules in speed and draft
  • output sheep



Current stock list:


New traits are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices.


Message me in game for enquiries!

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that is nice but I am really looking for some five speed sheep.

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Just realised my prices were stupidly out of date! Prices will always be up to date in my stock list, in case of discrepancy between here and there.

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Thanks for the wonderful animals Olaf.

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Very kind and helpful Merchant.  Thank you so much!  Highly recommended!

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