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Hindleap Horses

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Welcome to Hindleap Horses!




Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed blood bay, piebald and jet horses. I'm aiming for 5 speed with 'certain spark' and 'strong and healthy'. This gives fast horses which are resistant to disease and live extra-long lives, approximately 9 months in total!




Hindleap is in G23 as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at Amish Paradise Market where a number of horses bred by myself and others are available. Amish Paradise Market information is available here. The market offers self service and a choice of 4 Hindleap horses, or you're always welcome to come to Hindleap for a personal shopping experience! 


Delivery to all coastal areas of Xanadu is available, and to other areas on request.


Also available:

  • black sheep bred to order
  • blank 70ql horseshoes, 80ql available with a little notice
  • 5 speed unicorns
  • limited numbers of hell horses
  • champion deer bred to order



Colour With Spark/Health Without Spark/Health
Piebald 75c 50c
Blood Bay 75c 50c
Jet 1.5s 1s


Current stock list:


Message me in game for enquiries!

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that is nice but I am really looking for some five speed sheep.

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Just realised my prices were stupidly out of date! Prices will always be up to date in my stock list, in case of discrepancy between here and there.

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