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WTS Ring with Nolocate (-30%)

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Hello, Today I have to sell few rings with nolocate

All rings are gold, 70ql (imp to 90ql + 50c)

NoLo 80 - 1s  70c
NoLo 82 - 1,10s 77c
NoLo 83 - 1,15s   80c
NoLo 84 - 1,20s  84c
NoLo 85 - 1,25s  87c
NoLo 87 - 1,35s  95c
NoLo 89 - 1,45s  99c
NoLo 90 - 1,55s  1,10s
NoLo 91 - 1,65s  1,15s
NoLO 95 - 2s  1,40s

Can post your purchase order here, or PM in forum or game.

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