[FIXED] Katy Perry's Hot N Cold stills

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I took some (hot) stills from a (hot) forge in inventory, to move them to my wine cellar. They were cold enough to be taken in inventory, I got no error message. :P


Once in the cellar, I dropped them on the ground, but when I tried to pick them up again, I got the [23:25:50] The still is too hot to handle message.


I had to snuff them to be able to take them from the ground, which doesn't make much sense, I could take them from the forge when they were glowing hot without any issue.



And on the same note, items and players are still sinking in house floors.






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Yeah I noticed a few chairs fell through my floor too in the mine, can get screenshot if needed.


On the stills think I had to light/snuff them before able to pick up.

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