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Found one, pls close

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Hello fellow wurmians,


i am the co-owner of Sovngarde, a new deed south-east of Blossom.

The second owner (Matzelo) and me decided to form a Harbour, to make travels and trades simple.

So we found Port Sovngarde to reserve the place, but because we 're bussy with building up our main deed Sovngarde we decided to give someone else the chance to live on a deed and build it up/help us building it up.


So here we go.


If you re interested, check the following list of requirments and information.


- you dont need any skills

- you need to be active & friendly

- you dont need premium, but you cant really play wurm without

- you need to be able to speak english (or german)

- you 'll need to pay for the upkeep:

  • pay 50% of the monthly upkeep (currently 1.04s = 52c per month) in cash
  • OR with bulk goods
  • OR pay with work
  • OR pay with trader discount (in case you are generally selling bulk goods as a trader)
  • OR a combination (we can discuss everything via pm)
  • feel free to pm me with other offers

- you ll need to pass us your houses or let us plan your houses

  • you are free to build whatever and get full rights for your houses, its just in case you become inactive we 'd be able to use the deed



  1. You 'll get nearly all rights
  2. You 're allowed to do everything which is not against the wurm rules and what we did not defined here or later via pm/chat
  3. As mentioned, we need to be owner of the buildings
  4. We founded the deed as a harbour, therefor 
  • you 're not allowed to terraform the jetty
  • we need a small storage and a small shipyard, if you dont build one, we need some space to build it on our own

     5.  We are part of the Academy Alliance, if you break any rules of it, you 'll be kicked without a warning

     6. the deed/Job is not limited to a time. If you fit the requriments you can stay as long as you want!



  • the monthly upkeep is about 1s 5c
  • there is a mine with about 1 iron vein and several zinc veins
  • deed is at X15/Y32, North-west of blossom, facing north-sea
  • nearby forest
  • kinda flat area
  • close to blossom and blossom market, including spirit templars and a 3min mailbox
  • ondeed guardtower (use "help" or "guards!")


Any questions can be asked here or discussed via PM.


Save travels and happy wurming :D



Ps.: in case a non pristiner newb reads this, i have a ship, so pickup from other servers can be arranged!

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