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Grass enchanting service, two characters come and stay with you until the job is done. Locally no minimum,

if travel is required then 10 tile minimum. 20c per tile. Client must provide meals and bed for our stay. 2 tiles per 18 hours possible.


Knarr 7s Pick up only at p,14 xan

Corbita 2.75s pick up only at p,14 xan


PM Gordonlee or Zdus for more info. Or to have an item sent COD

these items also available at the Drunken Bear Tavern Bearfoot Vinyard Deed. p,14 Xan

FYI ... Blah blah blah = sold


Frost giant blood 2.5s

rare glimmersteel lump 96.95ql  .38 wght 5s

Snow lanterns x3 2s each

Rare Iron shores shoe 65ql 4s


Boar Shoulder pad 25ql 2s

double Shoulder pad, cotton 2s

Left layered Shoulder pad, steel 2s

right stylish shoulderpad, gold 75ql 4s


Supreme Champagne 72ql 5s

Fireworks x2 80ql 2s each 


Hammer, iron  75.86 ql. woa50 coc75 1.5s

Saw iron woa 75 32ql 50c


seryll fist bracelet 75ql 3s

Ring of the EYE Seryl 75ql 4s

Spear Braclet seryll 75ql 3.5s


Two handed sword Iron FB66 AD 2.3s

Longsword  iron, FB70 AD 91ql 3s

rare longsword iron 56 ql 5s

rare longsword steel 62 ql 7s



rare large shield iron 76ql 4s

rare sliver spoon 31ql 3.5s 

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1 hour ago, GordonLee said:

Frost giant blood 2.5s

I assume you meant Forest Giant? if so would you take 2s? Cod Theredreaper

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