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Hyper Core PvP 7.5x

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Discord: v5k3apk




New Hard Survival Server - Spawn in with just a flint and steel, No Local Range and many many mods


Announcer Mod

Ash Produce Mod

Better Combat log

Better Digging

Big Container Mod - Not currently enabled

Bounty Mod

Careful Harvest Mod

Clay+Shards for Concrete

Craftable Pauldrons

Creature Age Mod

Crop Mod

Double Bulk Capacity - Applies to crates, Currently 4x

Fire Burn Time

Forage Sprouts

Forever in Season - Fruit Trees

Harvest Helper

Hitching Post

Inbred Warning

Max Skills - Body Stats capped at 50

Meditate Mod

Mod Tree Farm - Grow trees faster by watering them

Moonmetal mining Mod

Move Mod - Increased Carry Weight

Move to Center/Corner

No Fatigue

No Fog Spiders - Anti Lag

No Local Tab players - Won't see enemies sneaking up on you

Pick More Sprouts - 5x Sprouts Picked

Prospect Mod

Quality damage Tool Tips - Disabled Currently getting some crash errors

Remove Animal Hording Limits

Sacrifice Mod

Salve Power Mod

Sever Packs Mod

Server Play Counter - Does not count alts but does reflect offline steam accounts

Server Tweaks


Spell Mod

Starter Gear Mod - You start with only a flint and steel

Survival Mod - Alot of changes to survival in WU, Recommend reading Talor's Page on it - Only Setting disabled currently is no crops during winter months

Timer Fix

Tweak Range Weapons - Bows/Siege Weapons can not be fired more then 20 tiles away


Map made by: Laren X on steam



Edited by Hakameda

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Going to increase the rate you get branches tomorrow, Its a little low currently

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