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One handed wooden and stone weapons and tools

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I'd like to play a nomad character with little iron interaction. There is a two handed wooden weapon option, a wooden spear, but nothing one handed.

He'll have some iron tools, but his armor is leather and his weapons a wooden spear, wooden shield, and I'd like a one handed weapon,

Maybe a like a small maul or like a small axe.

Stone alternatives to most the iron tools would be a plus.  Possibly taking a bit more damage.

This would allow someone to improve them with a reduced skill set based on wood that I could focus, so that'd offset the requirement to imp them more often.

They could use the same models as existing items if that'd help reduce/eliminate the client side requirement for models.

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Not exactly what you are requesting, but you can make stone "crude tools" in the game, some people like to use this as a "hardcore survival mode" where they throw away all current tools armor and weapons and start out with nothing:



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