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Mercenary Bands (PvP and PvE)

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Think of it as a sort of mini pmk within a greater pmk (Player Made Kingdom).


Cheaper to maintain than a pvp pmk, and requires fewer founding members.


Can have its own unique heraldry in place of the "host" pmk in terms of flags, crests, and tabards. Wagons?

Any deeds held or founded belong to the host pmk.

Towers built or conquered belong to host pmk.

Influence generated belong to host pmk.

Can keep unique heraldry while on pve servers, host pmk is the base kd for server.

Separate permission settings than allies, hence a handy way of breaking in players unknown


Can remain on pvp servers only as long as the band and host pmk desire to. Exact conditions can be left up to the players.


Players from pvp pmks visiting pve servers converted to a type of temp merc band? Hence can keep tabard heraldry.


EDIT: Might be feasible to have versions for "outlaw groups", "pirates", "privateers". For example a merc band without a current host would be in outlaw status to everyone.

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