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Server Closed

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Server Settings and information about the server.

- Beautiful Custom 4k map!

-  24/7 Dedicated Server

- Max players 250

- Two kingdoms HOTS and Freedom!
Claim Territory for your kingdom with towers!

- PVE Server with PVP zones!

- Portal Hub

With Town portals!

- HOTA Events

- Action Rate 5x

- Skill Rate 5x

- Crops growth rate 48hr

- Max Deed size = 100x100

- Upkeep enabled (Bounty mod to help get some cash!)

- Deeds Cost : Enabled
121 Tiles 11x11 free! :D

- 21.0 Body Control - Ride a Horse!

- Deed name change price reduced

- Iron ore spawn rates tweaked

- Too many mods to list! (Check out the mods list on the webpage)


- Server Mods --> A full list of server mods and settings on our webpage -


-Discord Chat Server -->


- Server Needs Ago's ModClientLauncher for NEW Creatures Textures To Work!
But is not required..

* Unzip the contents of into the "WurmLauncher" folder
* Unzip the contents of the individual mods you want to run into the "WurmLauncher" folder. This adds the required .properties files to enable the mods.
* Run patcher.bat
* Start Wurm from Steam


Photos of Server.

The MAP -->


HOTS Spawn -->


Freedom Spawn -->'

The World -->




Server IP

Port 3724

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On 2/17/2017 at 1:31 AM, Corwen said:

Crop decay?

Crops decay


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