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Arrow Shaft Bug

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I started making Shafts from Maplewood logs. Cut 109 shafts from these logs. Once I started making Arrow shafts from these said Maplewood shafts. Out of the first 6 Maplewood shafts should have been 60 Maplewood arrow shafts but instead I got 50 Maplewood arrow shafts and 10 Pinewood Arrow shafts.

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There is a similar report of planks and hull planks sometimes having an odd behavior as well.  Can you give me a few details please?


Where were the logs when you started making the shafts?  Bsb, crate, cart, wagon, ground?

Where did you put the shafts as you made them?

Did all the original shafts turn out maplewood or did some of those become pinewood while creating them?

Did you drag the shafts from a container into inventory?  If so, what container.

Did you use the crafting window or right click the group in inventory to create or use a keybind?


Thanks in advance for the details.


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* All were Maplewood logs in a crate to start

* Put shafts into a Bsb once crafted

* took out 6 Shafts from Bsb

* Crafted 60 Arrow Shafts

* 50 turned out Maple, 10 turned out Pine


* Did all these actions using the Crafting window

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