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To edit a page, simply type the name of the page you wish to edit in the search box on the Wurmpedia. If the page does not exist as typed, you will be given a chance to click a link and open a new page up for editing. If the page already exists, you may click the Edit tab at the top of the page.

Page Names

Please note that page names are case sensitive, however the first letter is always assumed to be uppercase. Spaces are replaced with an underscore ( _ ) as well. That means a page such as Wind of Ages will actually show in your address bar as Wind_of_Ages and is different than Wind_of_ages. If you were to enter wind_of_ages, the resulting page would be Wind_of_ages. All pages should begin with a capital letter on the first word only; for example, "Wind of ages", unless the name is a proper noun.

For users, you should always start your page name with the namespace you wish to edit the page in. For example if your player name is Rizi, you will want to type in: Player:Rizi. For a village named Tap Dance, you would want to use Settlement:Tap Dance. The resulting page name would be Settlement:Tap_Dance, and would be case sensitive.

As a standard, a page name should have the proper case as displayed in Wurm Online.


A redirect is a way to forward visitors from one page to another and is accomplished by placing #redirect [[New_Page]] in the body of a page, where New_Page is the proper page name that the user should be redirected to. Please use redirects sparingly as they can become confusing.

You may use a redirect in the following situations:

  • To forward from a page with different letter case than the main page, but has the same exact spelling.
    • Example: Settlement:Tap_dance may redirect to Settlement:Tap_Dance.
  • To forward between a User and a Player page owned by the same person.
    • Example: User:Keenan redirects to Player:Keenan.

Note: Avoid double redirects, as they do not work. For example, redirect page “Spell” to “Spells”, but not “Spel” to “Spell” to “Spells”. When creating a redirect, make sure the page is not a redirect page by checking the top right. If it is a redirect page, you will see:

Yule goat

(Redirected from Yule Goat)



Categories are ways of filing and organizing Wurmpedia pages. A list of all current categories can be found here:

You may include a category in a page by typing [[Category:Category_Name]] where Category_Name is a proper category name from the link above. If you want to link to a category, you may do so by putting a colon in front of the word Category: [[:Category:Category_Name]].

Note: For uniform styling when using multiple categories, list them alphabetically, with Babel category (if applicable) always at the end. A Babel category is the alphabetized list of pages, such as Category:Babel/A.

Users should only link the following categories on their pages. Please note that categories are to be revamped, and your page may lose a category at any time.

  • Players
  • Settlements
  • Users

You should not use any of the Babel categories on your pages as these are reserved for Main namespace pages only.


Templates are ways of inserting wiki code into your page by using keywords and variables. Using a template is outside of the scope of this document, however you may ask for assistance on the forums or in IRC should a specific need arise.

More Information

The best source of information about Wiki markup is the MediaWiki Wiki. The Formatting help page is a great place to start:

You may also seek help on the Wurmpedia forums here:

Or by reaching out through IRC (#Wurmpedia) or Forum PM to one of the Wurmpedia staff members .

What to Edit

If you're ever looking for some editing to do, check the forums for any posts requesting info or changes, or you can check in our IRC channel (#Wurmpedia), for current projects or other edits that need working on. Even if you don't yet have your editor account, you can still provide content and testing here on the forums.

There are also frequent discussions in our IRC channel. Anyone is welcome to join this channel to ask questions about editing or article information, request editing assistance, find out what the current projects are, or to help provide information.

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