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Selling my deed 57 x 22 at H12 Xanadu asking for 25s

Has 6s in coffer

Water front connected to outer waters

[23:27:12] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98]

Clay on deed

Mountain right behind it that has iron and silver

6 oak trees on deed a number more along the outside

8 bsb's // 2 fsb's // 2 forges // 6 ovens // 25+ street lamps on deed

Close hunting grounds

Deeds been in place since server's opening day



Comment below or PM Shuouma ingame if interested

















Links to the images above just incase they are not working for you


Edited by Ronnie

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10 hours ago, Eleraan said:

Seems like a lot of deeds for sale lately! GL with your sale.


Thanks, I've noticed myself. Although I'm not leaving wurm just moving to another location.

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13 minutes ago, Yldrania said:

The images in your post are not working. :) 


Thank you for letting me know, I added the images links at the end, mine letting me know if those work for you? 

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