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I think that ships would benefit from a bit of game balance adjustment.


For example, I think that the knarr is "OP" in that it has no drawbacks other than difficulty of construction - or, looking at it another way, purchase price. I also think that the small sailing boat should be able to carry, say, three small crates. And I don't see any reason for building a cog at all. It seems to sit unhappily in the middle ground between the "cheap and cheerful" corbita and the impressive but expensive caravel.


I would like to be able to adjust the following parameters, if possible:-

  • Speed (ideally, when sailing downwind and also when sailing across the wind)
  • Cargo capacity
  • The effect of crew size on speed
  • Difficulty of construction
  • Draft (minimum water depth)


I have a good deal of experience in game design, but as far as Wurm is concerned... I don't even know if this is something that is easy to mod or not. Perhaps it's just a question of editing some config file when setting up a server. Can anyone provide any info as to where I should start?

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All boats on Freedom have a minimal passenger bonus, but instead the boats were recently changed to go faster at higher QL.


Knarrs still have a drawback-  it's the slowest ship (in a gale) bigger than a sailboat.  Corbitas are faster, Cogs and Caravels are way faster. But every single one of them is useless in PvP.


I think the majority of people use knars because it's a smaller model.  Not as bulky to navigate or park, and it's the jack of all trades for hauling by sea.

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