[Bug] Don't dice Crab meat, Seafood

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Since crabs came into wurm, they've had a special bit of meat that was 0.1kg vs the normal 0.3kg pieces.  These 0.1kg pieces were basically equal in nutrition to meals of the same quality.  With the cooking update, the special crab meat stayed special, becoming Crab meat, seafood.  An examine of this wonderful meat gives the following text. [04:57:54] The very nutritious meat from a crab. This has a good nutrition value.


I've discovered that if you 'dice' this meat, it loses its special properties, and becomes diced meat, seafood instead; same as dicing the regular stuff and has the same nutritional value as meat, seafood.  It now has the examine message: [04:59:45] Raw meat from an animal. This has a poor nutrition value. Created on Luck day, week 4 of the starfall of Omens, 1063.




I'm really hoping this is a bug, and until it's fixed or otherwise, I advise players not to dice their precious crab meat.  And yes, there are recipes specific to the meat.

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It would be nice to have an answer on this. It's an interesting little thing in the game that crab meat is somehow special, and it's unfortunate to lose its features.


Oh, and bump.

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