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Weaponsmither and 2 noob friends looking for village

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Hi, I used to play one and a half year a go, but now im back and I logged to find my village gone!

Im a weaponsmither at 70ws(among other skills), I would gladly make and improve weapons for the village and help out with anything else if needed.

Im looking for a relatively big village with a few other players to help and to rely on(help with food and etc).

Also I have two friends with game knowledge, but they do not have any high skill but will be happy to help with manpower if they can join too.


The catch is that I will need pickup, my inventory is full and I have armor on, amongst other itens, so im pretty heavy to walk and a easy target for mobs. (I can get my friends by myself later)


You can message me in game if im on, but there's too many mobs here

nick: Abortivora


I hope I can join your village. Thank you!

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Just now, Propheteer said:

If you're interested in trying out a PvP server, The Crusaders are recruiting

We also have active deed's on freedom, for anyone wanting to do both.

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