Bees sting you, ignoring smoking smoker

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Expected behavior, according to Wurmpedia:


When opening a hive, the bees can sting you, dealing poison damage, unless you have a lit bee smoker.


Observed behavior:


The bees get angry and defend the active bee hive by stinging you.


Ouch! I carried a bee smoker (smoking), for sure.



Either Wurmpedia is wrong, or there is a bug.


Found reason:

The smoker I carried was lit, but not by me. Another player had lit it before & handed it over to me when done. Snuffing the smoker & lighting it again myself solved the riddle & saved me further injuries.


I don't know if it is desired behavior. If it is, it should be mentioned in the Wurmpedia. If it is not, then - well, then it's a bug ;-)


Besides, it seems that the "bees can sting you" should now be "bees will sting you", because they did this (at least in my case) every time since one of the recent updates (I'm Fo priest & used to care for my bees w/o smoker, using the only occasional stings as a source of channeling skill).


Have fun!

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Smoker and bee hive behavior was changed with the last update, so Wurmpedia may not have been updated yet.  


I'll need more info on your experience as I could not reproduce it.


Were you opening a domestic hive?

If so, was there a lock on it?


Were you opening a wild hive?

If so, was it on a deed?


Was the lit smoker traded to you?

Were you both standing on the ground?

Was it dragged to a cart and removed from the cart?


Can you reproduce this with a different smoker and the same steps?

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