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Shadowhold Harbor Market

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All orders are pick up, COD, or Wagoneer only. 

Sealed Barrels COD is 10c

You can contact Eleraan in game.


New location! Moved to the west coast of Indy. 44y 5x on the community map.  N/O 8/9 on the in game map.  See spoiler for map location.







s0heTwj.jpg   Bulks



Pick up or Via Wagoner. 

Bricks  (1.5s/k).

Pottery Shingles  (1s/k)

Mortar  (2s/k)

Ribbons, Iron 1s per Large Crate

Dirt (1s/k)

Marble Bricks (2s/k)

Tar  (1s/k) 

Charcoal  (1s/k)

Support Beams 4s per 100

Concrete 1s per 100

Planks (2s/k)




Pottery Shingles: 


Ribbons, Iron:  


Marble Bricks: 

Tar: 12k (36ql)

Charcoal: 10k (37ql)

Support Beams: 


Planks: 5k





10 copper per barrel


 Sheep Milk 0 Barrels in stock

 Cow Milk 0 Barrels in stock

Bison Milk 0 Barrels in stock






Pick up or Via Wagoner. Restocking/reorganizing


30c per Large Crate



Under 50 QL

 1k 50 QL

 1k Large Crates 60 QL

 1k Large Crate 70 QL






Beers: Comes in a normal small barrel. (Does not age).  Currently stocking 80+ql 25c per barrel.

Ale 30 Barrels

Pale Ale 9 barrels

Root Beer 9 barrels

Mead 23 barrels

Cerber's Triple Hops


Ginger Beer

Brown Ale 7 Barrels

Porter 30 barrels

Nicrolis' gingerbeer 2 barrels


Liquor: Comes in an Oak Wine Barrel (Ages) Requires distilling taking over 100 hours per barrel 1s per barrel:

Moonshine QL 90+  

Whiskey QL 90+  

Vodka QL 90+  

Gin QL 90+  

Raspberry Gin QL 90+  

Strawberry Gin QL 90+  

Raspberries Gin QL 90+  

Cherry Gin QL 90+  

Green Apple Gin QL 90+  

Blue Berry Gin QL 90+  

Orange Gin QL 90+ 

Lemon Gin QL 90+  

Lingonberry Gin QL 90+

Rum QL 90+


Top Shelf Liquor:  Same as the normal Liquor these just require extra steps or rare ingredients thus are more expensive.  1.2s per barrel

Brandy QL 90+ 

Cherry Brandy 90+

Raspberry Brandy 90+

Lingonberry Brandy 90+

Orange Brandy 90+

Blueberry Brandy 90+

Lemon Brandy 90+

Green Apple Brandy 90+

Strawberry Brandy 90+


Have atleast some barrels of all distilled on hand.  


Orders needing something not in stock can be arranged but take close to a week to fully process due to the need to ferment. 





Rare Cheese Drill, Oak 30.10ql 3s

Rare Cordage Rope 30c

Rare Small Maul Head, Tin 2s

2 Rare sprouts 15c each

Rare Blank Papyrus 58.51ql 15c

Rare Mooring Rope 15c

6 Rare Mortar 50c Each

3 Rare stone Bricks 50c each

Rare Sand 50c each

12 Rare Silver Lump 15c each 

Rare Zinc Lump 15c

Rare Copper Lump 15c

Rare Brass Lump 15c

Rare gold lump 15c

2 Rare Tin Lump 15c each

Rare wires 15c 

Rare Plate Leggings, gold 68ql 2s

Rare Shovel 90ql 93 BOTD 4s

Rare File 90ql 92 BOTD 4s


HmScnwy.jpg Cooking Oils


4 In Stock: Cotton Seed Oil 35c Per Barrel!!* (Quality 90)

1 In Stock: Corn Oil 35c Per Barrel!!* (Quality 90)

0 In Stock: Fennel Oil  30c per Barrel!!** (Oil currently 50 quality)

0 In Stock: Rice Wine Vinegar Ql 55+ 25c per barrel

0 In Stock: Malt Vinegar, QL 80 25c per barrel

0 In Stock: Honey Vinegar, QL 80 25c per barrel


When only the best will do!

*****2 In Stock: Cotton Seed Oil 1s Per Barrel!!* (Quality 100)*****


*500 corn/cotton per barrel

**1000 Fennel per barrel

***167 Olives per barrel.  Seasonal Item.









99ql Kahvesi 1.5s per barrel


Kept In Stock or can make to order.


Plate Armor


Set 74ql Steel with Basinet Helm 2s 




100 Sleep Powder 1s each Restocking


Mask of the Ravager 1s

Mask of the isles 1s

Mask of the Enlightened 1s


Statue of the axeman 12/13 50c

Statue of the miner 12/13 50c

Statue of the digger 12/13 50c

Goblin Statue 39/40 1.5s


Dioptra 60ql 30c


Luxurious Checker Board 3s 

Soft Cap, Cotton 1s

Yule goat Figurine 75c

Troll Mask 1s

Snowman Head 1s

Bjarne the Bear 5s

Witch Hat 1s

Yule Reindeer Figurine 75c

2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad 1s each


Compass 90ql 96BOTD 2s




Masterwork small axe skin 2s

Jewelry Casket Skin 5s

Dragon Statuette 5s



BOTD Items:




90ql 93 BOTD 1s


Carving Knife:

72.86ql BOTD 101 1s


Fine Meditation Rug

4.34ql BOTD 98 98c






90ql 101 BOTD 1.1s

90ql BOTD 95 1s



Shovel 90 BOTD 103 1.1s






Indy Maps:



 Novice: 2s each

Challenging: 5s each

Difficult: 10s each

Reorganizing after last Indy Map breakage.



Edited by Eleraan
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42 minutes ago, TheRedReaper said:

Rare Dirt x 1 5c


Cod Theredreaper

Away it went. Thanks Reaper!

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2 minutes ago, MrJonnyboy said:

Rare Bee Smoker QL 53 1 silver

cod to me

[08:06:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.

Thanks MrJonnyboy!

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Added wool. Priced per only PC response I got back. If incorrectly priced I'd appreciate the heads up.


Thanks Eleraan.

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Bought corn (barrel) and fennel oil (jar).


I don't think people realize the amount of work and crop (500) involved in doing this.

And a small barrel will last the average player an EXTREMELY long time being re-sealed..

The oils available for the price charged is a GENUINE deal.


Had fiancé and friends who use purchase as well.


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Put me in line for the next barrel of corn oil. I'll take a jar of olive oil as well. (COD to NeeNee)

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Out of 40ql corn oil. Only stocking 50+ in corn now. Lowered milk prices.

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Good Morning Eleraan,


Please CoD the following to Burdok


Rare Stone Shards x 10 5c each

Rare Labels x 5 5c each


At work right now will claim when I get back home :) 

Thank you kindly

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Can I get 2 barrels of cow milk and 1 of rice wine? Thanks!

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Linked into the highway system so figured I'd give it a try with some bricks! 

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