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Many of you will know, I often poke for new content (priest content!)


But I reckon we've hit a point where the existing features of Wurm need refining somewhat (there are more bugs in Wurm than there are cave bugs on all servers (probably due to a bug)).  Wurm is essentially one big bug at the moment, literally half of the features most of us rely on during day-to-day play are probably bugs.


What would be nice is a full year of dedicated, solid, bugbusting.  Literally a statement of policy that there will be no new features for the coming year (maybe minor ones to fix certain issues), just a full year spent bugfixing.


As an aside ``bugfixing'' doesn't mean `repeatedly kick your players in the teeth by removing features to make the game less fun', as has been done a LOT last year I may add, but fixing genuine issues to make the game more fun and less tear inducing ;)


Not sure how players would want a certain bug handled (has it existed so long that it really is an essential feature in the eyes of players, if so maybe just considering it a `free feature' might be better, maybe its a PvP issue that would hit the PvE community hard if fixed, maybe its a PvE issue that would destroy PvP if fixed)?  Use the ingame poll feature (or sound it off on the forums at the least), that way actions can be taken with the maximum insight!


I'd love to see a Wurm where priests have an easier time, but I know that's a pipe dream given that the dev team is comprised of old guard players (and we all know their views on magic in Wurm).  I'll settle for a Wurm that functions as intended so the folks doing all the chores for me have an easier time (you heroes know who you are!).


tl;dr  2017, the year 2017 bugs were fixed/officialised if you please

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