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  • 97 ql olives x 2,1k-1,5s per k
  • 97 ql red cherries x 5.8k-1,5s per k
  • 99ql green apples x 2.4k-1.5s per k
  • 99ql orange x 2k-1.5s per k
  • 98ql pinenuts x 3k-1.5s per k
  • 99ql lemons x 4.3k-1.5s per k


  • 99QL wemp 47k-1s per k
  • 99QL barley 4k-1s per k
  • 99QL oats 3k-1s per k
  • 98QL rice 20k-1s per k
  • 99QL reed plants x 10k-1s per k
  • 99QL corn x 37k-1s per k
  • 99QL carrots x 12.4 k-1s per k
  • 99ql cucumber x  8k-1s per k
  • 99ql peapods x 6.9k-1s per k
  • 99ql potato x 6.3k-1s per k
  • 99ql strawberries x7.5k-1s per k
  • 99ql cotton x4-1s per k





  • 15ql cochineal x135-2,7s
  • 25ql cochineals x 125-2,5s
  • 34ql cochineals x 116-2,2s
  • 41ql cochineals x 2106- 2s per 100
  • 54ql cochineals x117-2,3s
  • 64ql cochineals x 1073- 2s per 100
  • 84ql cochineals x 263-5,2s


  • 75 ql applewood x 500-1s per 100
  • 51ql birchwood x 900-1s per 100
  • 71 ql cherrywood x 1100-1s per 100
  • 61 ql chestnut x 100-1s per 100
  • 52 ql grapewood x 1200-1s per 100
  • 63 ql hazelnutwood x 100-1s per 100
  • 65 ql lemonwood x 700-1s per 100
  • 68 ql lindenwood 100-1s
  • 71 ql oakenwood x 800-1s per 100
  • 65 ql oleander x 600-1s per 100
  • 65 ql olivewood x 600-1s per 100
  • 75 ql orangewood x 300- 1s per 100
  • 49 ql pinewood x 100-1s per 100
  • 68 ql thorn x 300-1s per 100
  • 71 ql walnut x700-1s per 100
  • 68 ql willow x100- 1s per 100


  • 90 QL + meat x 12k-1,2s per k
  • 60ql meat -50c per k





  • 99QL hides x 140-15 copper per hide


  • 20ql wools x1.9k-1s per k
  • 60ql wools x 1.5k-1s per k


  • 35QL eyes x 3,4k-1 s per k
  • 73ql eyes x 9.3k- 1 s per k


  • 47ql fat x 1200- 1s /200
  • 76ql fat x 1500- 1s /200


  • 76 ql hearts x 1.1k- 50c per 100
  • 32 ql hearts x 250-50c


  • 58QL strawberry juice x37 small sealed barrels-20c each


  • 76QL olive oil x 9 barrels-50c per small barrel
  • 79-80ql orange juice x2barrels-50c per barrel
  • 59-66ql pinenut oil-50c per barrel


  • 100ql sheep milk -20c per barrel
  • 100ql cow milk -20c per barrel


I am also making juice and oils on order up to 82QL at the moment, can make any type.

*keep in mind that COD for small barrel of liquid is 10c*



  • ccfp pizzas 10c


  • 51ql cumin x 6.8k-1s per k
  • 69 ql rosemary x3.6k-1s per k
  • 68ql parsley x1.8k+1s per k
  • 69ql oregano x1.8k-1s per k
  • 67ql thyme x1.8k-1s per k
  • 67ql basil x2.2k-1s per k
  • 68ql sage x1.8k-1s per k
  • 70ql mint x 1.3k-1s per k
  • 70ql lovage x1.3k-1s per k
  • 70ql paprika x1.1k-1s per k

Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst)

After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones :)

Taking trades for sleep powder ! 


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Do you deliver? If not, where is the pickup location?

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Forgot to mention that lol 


Pickup location is on Deli H8 Sunburst, its coastal. Negotiable delivery for the rest of coastal Deli @NeeNee

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Oooo, I would like 100 green grapes, 100 blue, and 100 oranges :P maybe more stuff, but that's just my wants atm :D I'm stuck at work for another 6 hours so I'll pm when I able. ...

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I'd like to place an order for 100 green grapes,  100 grape seedling. I'll be collecting,  and will message you in game about pickup availability.  Just letting you know beforehand so you can prep it up. 




Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour 

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