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First time merchant poster...long time seller

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Long time seller, first time poster...


What I offer:


Weapon Imping to 70 ql  30c

Weapon Imping to 80 ql 50c

Weapon Imping to 84 ql (current reasonable max) 80c




You name it, i sell it.  As long as it can be mailed...


Huge Axe, Large Maul, 2H Sword, same as small blades

Sickle, Carvers, Butchering Knives...

Any iron weapon...that can be mailed...


many in stock.  you are MUCH more likely to receive a reply IN-GAME than here


contact: Dexman or Reegsman on Xanadu


Currently looking to trade your GEMS, for my VYN CASTS

AoSP a set?  CoC some tools?  just ask...


free Demise spell available for any weapon sale over 70ql



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If you're selling items best thing to do is upload some type of picture or lay down some type of info about said items, a lot of people are visual buyers.

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