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I'm putting this here so that the document doesn't get lost.  This is the documentation for the cooking system that release with Wurm Online v1.3, covering the various new features that came in then.


The document does get updated from time to time, as things change, or errors are fixed.


The current document version is v1.8, published on 8 January, 2017.


Revision History

Initial revision v1.0 - Pandalet, 11 Oct 2016


v1.1 - Pandalet, 20 Oct 2016

  • Added info on rare recipe products

  • Added note on herbs in planters using gardening

  • Added note on recipe difficulties under skills

  • Clarified what happens to veins that contain salt

  • Added notes on planting trellises

  • Noted that nails and coins can’t be present in cooking containers


V1.2 - Pandalet, 1 Nov 2016

  • Added quick start section

  • Noted gardening used for trellises

  • Noted low CCFP values don’t penalise

  • Noted that distillables now have a fermented intermediate

  • Corrected flower storage info


v1.3 - Pandalet, 19 Nov 2016

  • Filled in section on cookbook

  • Added minor notes on lore

  • Last-minute detail corrections

  • Added endurance sandwich notes

  • Filled in missing bee details

V1.4 -

  • Updated spices section to make it more obvious that spices need to be picked for seeds to plant

  • Corrected inaccurate bee migration info and added some clarification

  • Everyone gets CCFP and affinities again


v1.5 - Pandalet, 7 Dec 2016

  • Updated honey required to spawn second queen to 1kg

  • Added more detail on hive influence areas and production

  • Removed fried fish (not currently available to make)

  • Combining oils gives cooking oil


v1.6 - Pandalet, 11 Dec 2016

  • Removed incorrect reference to second queens needing a higher ql hive to migrate


V1.7 - Pandalet, 2 Jan 2017

  • Added note re: seasonal variation of honey and wax production

  • Noted crop difficulties


v1.8 - Pandalet, 8 Jan 2017

  • Clarified what goes in FSBs



v1.9 - Pandalet, 30 Jan 2017

  • Noted that loading noisy hives MAY kill the extra queen (not guaranteed to)


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Update - loading a noisy hive (in a vehicle) may kill the extra queen, but this doesn't happen right away.  If you're quick and lucky, you may get away with it, and the hive will remain noisy when you unload it.  The longer the hive stays loaded, the more likely the extra queen is to die.  Honey or sugar in the hive has no effect on this.

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Is this the official documentation?

In case WO and WU are not different in this regard (afaik they shouldn't be) there is an error concerning timed affinities.


It says the duration of the affinity is determined by the amount of food eaten, which is not entirely false. Of course the amount is important but more important is something else which I believe to be nutritional value.

Food is eaten at a constant rate of about 0.03 units per second. The effect on your food bar still seems to be determined by the quality of the food.

I ate exactly 0.15 units of these different meals:

* one ql 6.7 canine meal with unknown contents. I'm calling it Dog.

* one ql 14.7 insect meal with pea pod, called Pea.

* one ql 14.7 insect meal with pea pod and ground paprika, called Paprika.


Pea gave me a 5 second affinity buff (roughly).

Dog, although lower quality, gave me a 27 second buff.

Paprika gave me close to 3 minutes.


This leads me to think nutrition is the main factor for affinity duration. The amount eaten is certainly of lesser importance.


Additionally, when it says "to get the same affinity, the recipe must be recreated exactly" it is important to understand what is part of the recipe and what is not. The affinity type is only determined by the true name of the ingredient at the time of cooking but not the exact recipe of the ingredients themselves.

Take these meals:

1) fried insect + fried pea pod (made from chopped pea pod)

2) fried insect + fried pea pod (made from pea pod)

3) fried insect + pea pod

4) fried insect + chopped pea pod

2, 3 and 4 will all produce different buffs because the name of the ingredients are different. However, 1 and 2 will be the same even though the fried pea pods themselves were different in that they gave different buffs.

I think it could be clarified that the "exact recipe" only concerns the name of the ingredients at the time of cooking, not whether they were identically prepared, also that chopped pea pod which is pre-fried is a different ingredient than chopped pea pod. One may think that "fried" is a state that a vegetable passes through before being cooked together with meat, just as if you had fried the veg separately, but this is not the case.

This particular little detail gave me the wrong idea about affinity cooking and threw me into a few hours of brain wracking experiments trying to find the missing link.

Edited by Skrofler

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Could you add how to create pineapple to the Pizza Recipe at the end of the document please?

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