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[WIP] Enchanted Nature Mod

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Enchanted Nature Mod's purpose to make enchanted terrain better. 
V100 just has the option to disable enchanted grass from packing because of animal grazing.


Here is a list of possible other features that may get added:

1. Enchanted trees that don't age beyond very old, sprouting.
2. One can pick sprouts from enchanted trees.
3. Maybe increase the likelihood that a tree with jump from very old to very old, sprouting. This would let users harvest sprouts faster.
3. Increase the harvested yield and allow them to be harvested in the first place.
4. Maybe harvest grass from enchanted grass tiles, I'm not sure if this is possible to add it. and increase the rate which it grows.
5. Flowers on enchanted grass tiles (assuming it possible to get them on the tile) are more likely to spread to surrounding tiles.
6. Last but not least, is to add substitute ways to make these tiles that aren't restricted to meditation. These ways will likely involve plain old crafting outlets. 
Ago's WurmServerModLauncher.http://
Most resent tested WU version is 1123
Get a archive release for the mod here:
*Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods
* See "" file to configure options.




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