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Selling a bit of everything ! 

Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map).

Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now!

Taking orders for any items you may need !

For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ☺️




  • 96ql acorns x1.5k-1s per 100


?Animal bits?

  • 47ql long horns x 3.1k-1s per k
  • 35ql eyes x1k-1s per k
  • 39ql paws x 1,2k-1s per k
  • 40ql unicorn horns x3k-2s per k
  • 50ql animal fat x5.9k-1s per 200
  • 75ql animal fat x 7k-1s per 200
  • 49ql tails x2k-1s per k


?Building materials?️



mortar   2s per k


  1s per k
support beams   4s per 100
concrete   1s per 100
ribbons   4s per k
clay   1s per k
tar   1s per k
peat   1s per k
moss   1s per k
logs   1s per k (low ql)
small nails 500 1s per k
large nails 500 1s per k
shafts 1k 1s per k
planks   1s per k
wood shingles   1s per k
wooden beams 200 2,5s per k
grass 4k 1s per k
ash   3s per k (creation ql)
lye   30 c per barrel
charcoal   2s per k (-50ql)
gold sheet   6c per sheet
war arrows   3s per k (creation ql)
hunting arrows   3s per k (creation ql)
rock shards ask 1s per k
marble shards   1s per k
slate shards   1s per k
sandstone shards   1s per k
stone slabs   1s per 100
marble slabs   1s per 100
slate slabs 600 1s per 100
sandstone slabs   1s per 100
stone bricks   2s per k
slate bricks   2s per k
marble bricks 2k 2s per k
sandstone bricks   2s per k
pottery bricks   3s per k
colossus bricks 2k 2s per k
pottery shingles   1s per k
slate shingles   2s per k
frying pans   5s per k (creation ql)
turrets ask 60c per turret
marble brazier pillars   1s per pillar
large crates   10c per crate
catseyes   1s per crate
rounded stone 1 crate 50c per crate

If something is not on the list-ask.

Doing custom orders for any amounts of mats !







  • 31 ql Rare crude pickaxe-1s
  • Witch hat x15-1s per
  • 42 ql rare crude pickaxe-1s



  • 83ql compass 93woa-4s
  • 72ql compass  87woa-2s



  • 99QL oats 2k-1s per k
  • 98QL rice 20k-1s per k
  • 99QL reed plants x 10k-1s per k
  • 99ql cotton x9k-1s per k
  • 99ql wheat x12k-1s per k
  • 75ql cotton x1k-80c 
  • 99ql wemp x 25k-1s per 











  • 98ql eggs x300 -1s per 100




I have assorted a pretty range of enchanted tools and weapons (mix of skillers of higher QL stuffs) that I hope are to your liking.

My Vynoras skill is currently at 100 Faith, 96 Channeling and 58 Soul Depth.

This is how i price stuff i put here


30 copper for up to 69 power casts

40copper for up to 79 power casts

1c per power up to 89 power casts (so for example 80 COC would be 80 copper ...89 COC- 89copper)

1s per 90 power cast

1,1s per 91 power cast

1,2s per 92 power cast


2s per 99 power cast

2,5s per 100 power cast

3s per 101+ power cast


Every cast can result in a shatter, if you send your items for custom enchants I will consider you are fine with the risks.


CUSTOM ENCHANTS> 50c for -90power casts

1s per 90-95 power cast

1.5s per 95+power cast


*No additional cost for Mend, Dispell or Demise spells*

*List is made in alphabetical order*

*I have a runed mailbox(99 courier) for ability to send logs/ planks/ longbows*

*Feel free to make offers for Items that do not have a price tag*

*Taking sleep powders as payment *


  • 8ql large anvil 90coc-1s
  • 10ql small anvil 87coc-87c
  • 10ql small anvil 85coc-85c
  • 9ql small anvil 87coc-87c
  • 52ql small anvil 84coc-84c
  • 52ql small anvil 96coc-1.6s


  • 27QL awl 89woa-89c
  • 26ql awl 82coc 83woa-1,6s
  • 29ql awl 92woa-1,2s


  • 7 ql axe, iron 87coc-87c
  • 68QL huge axe, iron, 97Nimbleness 88coc-3s
  • 68QL huge axe, iron, 90 Nimbleness 84coc-2,8s
  • 60QL huge axe iron, 70Nimbleness,91coc,85Frostbrand-2,5s
  • 60QL huge axe iron,69MindStealer,77coc,96Nimbleness,92Frostbrand-3,5s
  • 62QL huge axe iron, 61MindStealer, 87coc,87Nimbleness,77Frostbrand-1,7s
  • 61QL huge axe iron, 73MindStealer,90coc,81Nimbleness,77Frostbrand-2,8s
  • 62QL huge axe iron, 70MindStealer 81coc 77Frostbrand 97Nimbleness-3s


  • 15ql shortbow 86coc-86c
  • 19ql bow 84coc-84c 
  • 17ql longbow 88coc-88c
  • 17ql longbow 96coc-1.6s
  • 20ql longbow 93coc-1.3s

yes they are all willow


  • 17 ql oak bucket 80coc-80c

=Butchering knives=

  • 20ql butchering knife 92woa-1.2s
  • 35ql butchering knife 90coc-1s
  • 33ql butchering knife 91coc-1.1s

=Carving knives=

  • 44ql carving knife 94coc-1.4s
  • 36ql carving knife,steel 88coc-88c
  • 54ql carving knife,iron 82woa-82c
  • 25ql carving knife, steel 87coc-87c


  • 66ql charcoal 91coc-1.1s

=Cheese drills=




  • 56 ql clay 88coc-88c
  • 56 ql clay 87coc-87c


  • 90QL clayshaper oak 90botd-2,5s
  • 6ql slayshaper oak 85coc 78woa-1,1s
  • 6ql clayshaper oak 85woa 85coc-1,7s


  • 19QL file 83woa-83c
  • 29QL file 87woa-87c
  • 52ql file 81coc-81c
  • 18ql file 90coc 99woa-3s
  • 42ql file 81coc-81c
  • 44ql file 84coc-84c *zinc libila rune

=Fishing rods=

  • 72ql fine fishing rod,willow 98coc-1.8s
  • 42ql fine fishing rod, willow 91coc-1.1s
  • 41ql fine fishing rod,willow 83coc-83c


  • 23QL oak fruitpess 87coc-87c
  • 48QL oak fruitpress 83coc-83c
  • 29ql oak fruitpress 88coc-88c


  • 42ql gland 88coc-88c
  • 42ql gland 78coc-30c
  • 42ql gland 85coc-85c
  • 42ql gland 88coc-88c




=Grooming brushes=

  • 5ql grooming brush,oak 83coc-83c
  • 79ql grooming brush,oak 81woa-81c
  • 5ql grooming brush oak 86coc-86c
  • 5ql grooming brush oak 81coc-81c
  • 5ql grooming brush oak 85coc-85c
  • 5ql grooming brush oak 90coc-1s
  • 37ql grooming brush oak 89coc-89c
  • 34ql grooming brush oak 87coc-87c
  • 36ql grooming brush oak 89coc-89c
  • 29ql grooming brush oak 96coc-1.6s
  • 3ql grooming brush oak 91coc-1.1s


  • 33ql hammer 92woa 81coc-2s
  • 6 ql hammer 84coc-84c
  • 32 ql hammer 82coc-82c
  • 31ql hammer 83coc-83c
  • 36ql hammer 86coc-86c
  • 30ql hammer 89coc-89c *brass rune of vyn
  • 38ql hammer 81coc-81c
  • 91ql hammer 85botd-1.5s
  • 32 ql hammer 75coc-30c








  • 20 ql knife 90coc-1s
  • 18 ql knife 82coc-82c
  • 19ql knife 80coc-80c
  • 46ql knife 86woa-86c

=Leather knives=

  • 68ql leather knife 98coc-1.8s
  • 24ql leather knife 87coc-87c
  • 60ql leather knife 85woa 92coc-2s


  • 7ql leggat oak 83coc-83c



I do enchants on logs on order-ask for what you need !


  • 71ql copper lump 88coc-88c
  • 40ql gold lump 76botd-30c
  • 40ql gold lump 78botd-30c
  • 100ql tin lump 71coc-30c
  • 100ql tin lump 73coc-30c
  • 93ql iron lumpo 84coc-84c
  • 88ql iron lump 87coc-87c
  • 88ql iron lump 88coc-88c
  • 85ql iron lump 86coc-86c
  • 88ql iron lump 88coc-88c


  • 89ql mallet,oak 88woa-88c
  • 86ql mallet,oak 94woa-1.4s
  • 83ql mallet,oak 94woa-1.4s
  • 9ql mallet,oak 88coc-88c
  • 26ql mallet,oak 83coc-83c
  • 30ql mallet,oak 99woa-2s


  • 65ql small maul 95N 85C 86FB-3.2s
  • 30ql small maul 94N 86C-2.2s
  • 74ql small maul 81C 85FB 70N-1.9s

=Meditation rugs=

  • 17ql meditation rug 86coc-86c
  • 5ql meditation rug 85coc-85c

=Metal brush=

  • 18ql metal brush 85woa-85c
  • 18ql metal brush 99woa-2s
  • 18ql metal brush 88woa-88c
  • 18ql metal brush 84woa-84c
  • 18ql metal brush 82coc-82c
  • 18ql metal brush 84coc-84c
  • 18ql metal brush 88coc-88c
  • 16ql metal brush 81coc-81c
  • 17ql metal brush 88coc-88c
  • 18ql metal brush 85coc-85c
  • 18ql metal brush 89coc-89c








  • 100ql mountain lion pelt 92coc-1.2s
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 91woa-1.1s
  • 100ql wild cat pel 82coc-82c
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 92coc-1.2s
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 92coc-1.2s
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 81coc-81c
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 80coc-80c
  • 100ql wild cat pelt 81coc-81c
  • 100ql mountain lion pelt 90coc-1s
  • (blanks 10c per-pm for stock)


  • 6ql iron pendulum 89 lurker in the deep-89c
  • 6ql iron pendulum 84 lurker in the deep-84c
  • 5ql iron pendulum 90 lurker in the deep-1s
  • 6ql iron pendulum 96 lurker in the deep-1.6s
  • 4ql iron pendulum 90 lurker in the deep-1s


  • 42ql pickaxe 96woa-1.6s
  • 15ql pickaxe 90woa-1s
  • 38ql pickaxe 83woa-83c
  • 26ql pickaxe 85woa-85c
  • 14ql pickaxe 86coc-86c
  • 13ql pickaxe 85coc-85c
  • 2ql pickaxe 87woa-87c
  • 3ql pickaxe 81woa-81c
  • 14ql pickaxe 86coc-86c
  • 32ql pickaxe 81coc-1s *seryll rune of fo
  • 18ql pickaxe,steel 91coc-1.1s
  • 39ql pickaxe 84woa-84c
  • 22ql pickaxe 91coc-1.1s *brass rune of mag
  • 74ql pickaxe 84woa-84c


  • 33ql press,oak 87coc-87c
  • 27ql press,oak 82coc-82c
  • 21 ql press,oak 92coc-1.2s
  • 15ql press,oak 86coc-86c
  • 33ql press,oak 83coc-83c
  • 26ql press,oak 84coc-84c
  • 37ql press,oak 92coc-1.2s
  • 24ql press,oak 94coc-1.4s
  • 27ql press,oak 95coc-1.5s


  • 55ql Magranon puppet 84coc-84c
  • 54ql Magranon puppet 83coc-83c
  • 55ql Magranon puppet 82coc-82c


  • 26ql iron rake 81coc-81c
  • 26ql iron rake 93coc-1.3s


  • 65ql ring ,silver 94 nolocate-1.4s
  • 64ql ring, silver 89 nolocate-89c
  • 31ql ring, gold 87 nolocate-87c
  • 58ql ring,silver 85 fire protection-85c
  • 80ql ring, gold 99 glacial-2s
  • 80ql ring,gold 90 glacial-1s


  • 32ql ropetool,oak 80coc-80c





  • 46ql saw 90coc-1s
  • 69ql saw 87woa-87c
  • 55ql saw 84coc-84c
  • 69ql saw 98coc 80woa-2.6s
  • 20ql saw 97coc-1.7s
  • 20ql saw 87coc-87c


  • 26 ql scissors 81coc-81c
  • 9ql scissors 88coc-88c
  • 12ql scissors 89coc-89c


  • 51ql scythe 80woa-80c
  • 51ql scythe 85coc-85c
  • 55ql scythe 82coc-82c


  • 70QL sickle Animal demise, 82MS, 86Nimbleness, 89COC,74FB-3s
  • 34ql sickle 85woa-85c
  • 20ql sickle 85coc-85c
  • 27ql sickle 89coc-89c
  • 26ql sickle 86coc-86c
  • 26ql sickle 90coc-1s
  • 5ql steel sickle 96coc-1.6s
  • 5ql steel sickle 94coc-1.4s
  • 5ql steel sickle 92coc-1.2s
  • 5ql steel sickle 84coc-84c
  • 5ql steel sickle 93coc-1.3s
  • 4ql steel sickle 86coc-86c
  • 5ql steel sickle 91coc-1.1s
  • 2ql steel sickle 87coc-87c
  • 5ql steel sickle 92coc-1.2s


  • 23QL large iron shield 81coc-81c
  • 19QL large iron shield 82coc-82c
  • 26ql large iron shield 88coc-88c
  • 6ql med shield iron 86coc-86c
  • 90ql small shield iron 92coc-1.2s
  • 89ql small shield iron 89coc-89c
  • 90ql small shield iron 96coc-1.6s
  • 90ql small shield iron 95coc-1.5s


  • 81ql shovel 91woa-1.35s
  • 82ql shovel 86woa-1.11s
  • 80ql shovel 89woa-1.14c
  • 79ql shovel 86woa-86c
  • 78ql shovel 81woa-81c
  • 59ql shovel 84woa-84c
  • 31ql shovel 89coc-89c
  • 26ql shovel 87coc-87c


  • 5ql spatula oak 84coc-84c





  • 12ql spindle,oak 87coc-87c
  • 40ql spindle, oak 85coc-85c
  • 13ql spindle,oak 92coc-1.2s

=Steel and flints=

  • 2 ql steel and flint 88coc-88c

=Stone chisels=

  • 37ql stone chisel 91coc-1.1s


  • 56ql short sword 97coc 92N-2.9s





  • 17ql trowel 88coc-88c *seryll rune of mag
  • 59ql trowel 85woa-85c
  • 60ql trowel 96coc-1.6s
  • 75ql trowel 98coc 97w-2.5s
  • 21ql trowel 86coc 86woa-1.7s
  • 61ql trowel 84woa-84c
  • 56ql trowel 98woa-1.8s
  • 56ql trowel 97woa-1.7s






  • 20ql fish fillets x2k-2s per k
  • 20ql meat fillets x3.5k-2s per k



  • 20ish ql fish x1.7k-2s per k



  • 56ql yellow flowers x300-1s per 100
  • 57ql blue flowers x150-1s per 100
  • 59ql orange-red flowers x400-1s per 100
  • 49ql purple flowers x300-1s per 100
  • 60ql white flowers x60-1s per 100
  • 85ql lavander flowers x1.4k-1.5s per k
  • 89ql camelia flowers x3k-1.5s per k
  • 79ql rose flowers x1.4k-1.5s per k



  • 97 ql olives x 1,7k-1s per k
  • 97 ql red cherries x 10k-1s per k
  • 99ql orange x 3.8k-1s per k
  • 98ql pinenuts x 2.5k-1s per k



  • 40ql bunches of mixed grass x4k-1s per k



  • 51ql cumin x 6k-1s per k
  • 69 ql rosemary x3k-1s per k
  • 68ql parsley x1.5k+1s per k
  • 69ql oregano x1.8k-1s per k
  • 67ql thyme x1.5k-1s per k
  • 67ql basil x2k-1s per k
  • 68ql sage x1.5k-1s per k
  • 70ql mint x 1k-1s per k
  • 70ql lovage x1.5k-1s per k
  • 70ql paprika x1.1k-1s per k
  • 70ql ginger x1.5k-1s per k



29 600 15i


700 30i
81 140 50i
94   2c
100   2.5c


?Imping services?


We do not offer STEEL imps,YET ?

We can do moonmetal imps if you send some lumps along :) 



70ql=10c , 80ql=20c , 85ql=30c, 90ql=80c, 91ql=1s



full sets 70ql=1.8s (20c per piece) , 80ql= 2.5s (30c per piece), 90ql=5s (50c per piece)



70ql=10c, 80ql=30c, 90ql=80c, 91ql=1s


~Fine carpentry~

70ql=10c, 80ql=30c, 90ql=80c, 91ql=1s




Toolbelts: 5 slot-15c, 6 slot-25c, 7slot-35c, 8 slot-55c, 9slot-90c


Blank saddles: 50ql-10c, 60ql-15c, 70ql-35c, 80ql-55c, 90ql-1.30s


Archeology journals: 50ql-15c, 60ql-25c,70ql-35c,80ql-55c, 90ql-90c


Studded/Plain leather armour (full): 60ql-60c, 70ql-1s, 80ql-1.30s, 90ql-2.5s


~Jewelry smithing~


70ql=10c , 80ql=20c , 85ql=30c, 90ql=80c 91ql=1s


~Chain armour smithing~


full sets 70ql=1.8s (20c per piece) , 80ql= 2.5s (30c per piece), 90ql=5s (50c per piece)




70ql=10c , 80ql=20c , 85ql=30c, 90ql=80c, 91ql=1s



70ql=10c , 80ql=20c , 85ql=30c, 90ql=80c, 91ql=1s



  • 58QL strawberry juice x37 small sealed barrels-20c each


Making juice 85ql on order! Pm for stock of fruit and to place orders :)



50 60 50i


146 75i
80 153 1c
92 70 2c
96 81 3c
98 91 4c
100 353 5c


?Maple sap?





  • 91ql full house pizza 2kg-10c


Lunchboxes on order, 30c per




Low QL-50c per k



 High QL-1s per k
















⚱️Potion mixing⚱️


10c per potion made, 5 c per imbue applied, just cod away your bloods renamed  :)

( 91 natural substances skill)








  • 91ql iron plate guntlet-12s








If you have any recipes NOT on this list PM me I would be willing to trade you some of mine for them,other items or pay 1c per for any that I don't already have :)

Otherwise, selling recipes 1c per+cod fee,or you can pickup at M25 Inde-House of Lords.




??Rune attaching services??


Now offering a rune attach service for 50c :) 

(for all runes except moonmetal ones) on all mailable items (for bigger ones you can visit us at House of Lords and get your rune attached there)

Just mail the item to Raldon, renamed with your name + desired rune, we will make a rune,attach it and mail back within minutes for just 50c.


~Pre-made runes @ 1c per QL~





  • rare 100 ql green grapes x7-10c each
  • rare 100ql cherries x5-10 c each
  • rare 100ql chopped garlic x8-10c each
  • rare recipe goblin liver and onion x25-10c each
  • rare recipe "eyeball stew" x1-10c
  • rare 34 qlbelladona-10c
  • rare 81ql greenish yellow flowers-10c
  • rare 100ql chopped corn x2-10c each
  • rare 17ql carp-10c
  • supreme recipe "billy sheep gruff stew" x3-20c each
  • rare recipe "pork belly rillions"-10c


  • 74ql hops seedlings x200-1s per 100
  • 25ql ivy seedlings x 150-1s per 100


?Silver coins?





  • 75ql curved shoulderpad,cotton x2-50c per
  • 66ql triple shoulderpad,leather x4-50c per
  • 75ql left basic shoulderpad,iron x2 -50c per
  • 75ql ribboned shoulderpad x1-50c
  • 75ql crafted shoulderpad x1-50c
  • 50ql small shoulderpad,cotton x4-40c per



  • 75 ql applewood x 500-1s per 100
  • 51ql birchwood x 195-1s per 100
  • 71 ql cherrywood x 1100-1s per 100
  • 61 ql chestnut x 90-1s per 100
  • 52 qlgrapewood x 900-2s per 100
  • 63 qlhazelnutwood x 100-1s per 100
  • 65 ql lemonwood x 700-1s per 100
  • 68 qllindenwood 100-1s
  • 71 qloakenwood x 800-1s per 100
  • 65 ql oleander x 600-1s per 100
  • 65 ql olivewood x 600-1s per 100
  • 75 ql orangewood x 300- 1s per 100
  • 49 ql pinewood x 100-1s per 100
  • 68 ql thorn x-1s per 100
  • 71 ql walnut x700-1s per 100
  • 68 ql willow x100- 1s per 100
  • 80ql maplewood x130-2s per 100






⚱️Transmutation liquids⚱️


Making transmutation liquids on order,any type.

For ON deed tiles 2s per tile

For OFF deed tiles 2.6s per tile :) 


~exception~ Grass to peat transmutation liquid 3.5s per tile ON deed, 4s per tile OFF deed. ~exception~

Pm for more info and availability.







  • 30ql wool x4k-1s per k









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Might not be the best time to sell...With the Christmas Impalong going on...

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Also, if the 16ql scythe with 84 coc is made of iron and is mail able, I'll like to buy it. ..

Edited by Mykoal
Lol funny story. might not want to know. ..

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its a goiod time to sell as all purchases can be brought to the impalong and imped for free.. with a smile`!! and her prices are adjusted for their quality level..

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At the rate things are getting enchanted, you bring up a great point...


I'll have to pick it up after I get home from work ;)

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If you still have 61QL scythe 87coc-1,3s 

please mail to Seelery.



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:wub: cut the prices down on all items. happy holidays!:wub:




:DAnd also- BUMPIES:lol:

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On 12/21/2016 at 9:38 AM, StarsHollow said:

B)91QL rat pelt 82botd-80c

Cod Theredreaper please and Thank you

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could you COD to Epryss :

80QL pickaxe 85botd-90c
89QL ropetool oak 86botd-80c
70QL leather knife 93botd-1,8s
82QL hatchet 85botd-90c
Thank you

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