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What do you look for in Wurm? 

Gratsalot Emirates is a coalition of some of the largest deeds on Chaos serving both Crafters & Fighters.

Our group contains some of the oldest and newest players to the Wurm community!



- Large Deeds

Like to live in a urban environment, or live outside in a homestead like environment? The GRATSALOT Emirates got you covered with both CAPSALOT Harbor & CAPSALOT. Both deeds offer safety and security,the luxuries of all types of resources and coastal locations.

- Crafters & Fighters United

Our villages are the perfect balance of both crafters & fighters living in harmony. There is no requirement to PVP, or Craft.

- Willing teachers

Many in the village are willing to help teach you the ropes, and basic pvp meta

- Fearless Villagers

Do you want to join a group that charges headfirst into battle? You came to the right place.

- Outside Of Wurm

We don't just play Wurm, we also play other video games that span into RTS's, FPS's, Etc.

- Grats


Contact Info:


Mayor: Cubeman

People who are not mayor but can do mayor like things:


Rolandt (the greatest account in the game)




Warning: Village is known to harbor some of Wurm Online's "deplorables" these people while loyal to their own, are known to be brash and very straightforward. You have been warned. Grats

Edited by rottenpie

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5 minutes ago, Pinchaloaf said:

Plus Jackburton is back too

the best in the business 

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I hear these guys have the best passwords in the game.

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Gl, have had some fun exchanges with this crew already, they are fun to tango with.

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5 hours ago, Carmichael said:

grats, if only the mustang hadn't gotten totaled by a tree. RIP Madrocks.

[14:59:13] <Ghostofmadrocks> grats


wooooooo spooky

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Wow you got Rottenpie to play again.


+1 grats

Edited by Xallo

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*slow claps*
*steps out of the shadows*
Heh... not bad, kid. Not bad at all. Your meme, I mean. It's not bad. A good first attempt. It's plenty dank... I can tell it's got some thought behind it... lots of quotable material... But memeing isn't all sunshine and rainbows, kid. You're skilled... that much I can tell. But do you have what it takes to be a Memester? To join those esteemed meme ranks? To call yourself a member of the Ruseman's Corps? Memeing takes talent, that much is true. But more than that it takes heart. The world-class Memesters - I mean the big guys, like Rottenpie and Cndo - they're out there day and night, burning the midnight meme-oil, working tirelessly to craft that next big meme. And you know what, kid? 99 times out of a hundred, that new meme fails. Someone dismisses it as bait, or says it's "tryhard," or ignores it as they copy/paste the latest ######## copypasta dreamt up by those sorry excuses for cut-rate memers over at The Crusaders. The Meme Game is rough, kid, and I don't just mean the one you just lost . It's a rough business, and for every artisan meme you craft in your meme bakery, some ######## at Jenn Kellon has a picture of a duck or some #### that a million different ALTS will attach a milion different captions to. Chin up, kid. Don't get all mopey on me. You've got skill. You've got talent. You just need to show your drive. See you on the WTB account section...

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